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Recherche 5 volontaires d’urgence pour le Portugal?
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Recherche 5 volontaires d’urgence pour le Portugal?

zondag 27 juni 2010 11:16
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Bonjour à tous,

Notre partenaire portugais est à la recherche de toute urgence de 5 volontaires pour un projet qui commence ce 1 juillet.

Description du projet ci-dessous. Si ce projet vous intéresse, contactez nous par téléphone.


Pierre De Hanscutter

Code PT-BR-62-10  
From – To 01/07/10 – 15/07/10

Centro Cultural e Social de Santo Adrião; (Cultural and Social Center of Santo Adrião) The Cultural and Social Center of Santo Adrião, as IPSS ( Social and particular solidarity institution) located in the North of Portugal, has the mission to give social support to the community and associates, in all stages of their lives, with relevance for children, youth, and seniors Over its 26 years, has been a devotion to social causes, present in all its valences, ranging from Nursery School, Kindergarten, Activities Center and Leisure, Support for Children at Risk, Temporary Shelter for Children at Risk, Day Center, Home Care, Elderly Home, Social Inclusion Enterprise, Office of Income Social Inclusion and, more recently, the Office of Emergency Social Support.
The objectives of this camp are to organize activities that promote inclusion and interaction, through involvement with the institutions’ community of the city of Braga; Create mechanisms and structures that promote environmental education and the respect for nature, enhancing the youngsters psycho-social welfare; Conduct discussions / workshop ’s about social exclusion problematic with the aim of making a document with inclusion policies, fruit of the testimony of several existing experiences in the camp; Using materials / environmental trends for development of activities with disadvantaged populations. – The tasks and activities will be contribution, as active members of a demanding and rapidly changing society, will never be enough, but at the same time we are conscious that this initiative will be a kick-off from this scourge of social exclusion in which a major portion of the Portuguese community lives; Participation in workshops and various activities about issues of social exclusion, and work tools to be used with groups of excluded. Creation of materials for animation; Animation of target groups (Children, Youngsters and Elderly) in institutions in the district of Braga.
Meals in the canteen; Ward Accommodation;
It is located in Northern Portugal, Minho, near the City of Oporto, County and District of Braga, Neighborhood of S. José de S. Lázaro.
What to Bring (personal things) – Personal Clothing; Pijamas; Shampoo; Soap; Deodorant; Toothpaste; Toothbrush; Boots, Sneakers and other pair of shoes; Bath Towel and Beach Towel; Bikini / Bathing Suit, Bathing Slippers , Hat / Cap, Flashlight, Sports Equipment, Work Clothes.

Service Volontaire International, a.s.b.l
33 Rue Frémineur,
1170 Watermael Boitsfort (BELGIUM)
Email :
Tel: +32 2 888 67 13 (Belgium)
Tel: +33 980130513 (France)
Fax: +32 2 725 76 47
GSM:+32 495 680 934

Bron : Service Volontaire International (SVI)

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