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Supermarket of the Jungle.

zaterdag 3 maart 2012 22:49
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Hello hunter. We have watched you hunt through the vaste jungle of your supermarkets. We have seen your strategies to survive. We think you are strong. We must say you are not a bad hunter at all.  You seem to learn to ever exchange less things, for more and bigger things. The more you learn how to hunt around, the more you seem to know how to catch bigger prey, with a smaller arrow.  We seem to understand that the arrow you use becomes sharper every day.

And most of all, every day you seem to be much faster in gathering your food. You know these lands. And so you feel as king or queen.

We have seen how you shop from one biotope, full of fruits, to another, full of plants. We even saw you walk through forests full of  machines or clothing. In our biotope, these things do not grow. We think you have created a world that is built on dreams. It is so beautiful that it looks like magic to us. We think you are good in making. We think you are very smart creatures, we think you know material very well.

When I was taught to be a hunter, my grandfather showed me around in the life. We are not that much advanced. He taught me that if I take a fish, I should be careful to select it, so the family of fish would continue to grow. He taught me not to put the coconuts with the ants. He told me that when you walk through the forest, to not trample the new sprouts of plants. He taught me to pick the fruits, just for our needs, so other animals that we need in our land, would stay to protect us.  He taught me if I killed the lion, the hyena’s would come. He taught me that everything I did for the Spirit of the Forest, was something I did for me. He taught me that if I forgot one of it all, I forgot myself.

So if you have some time in your busy dream, could you please tell me, how do you do this magic in your world? In your lands? How does the Spirit of your City stay alive? How do you make sure that when you take a fish, when you take that meat in plastic, that when you choose the fruits you pluck, that you know you do not harm your Self?  How do you talk with the Spirit of your Land? How do you make sure that All stays alive?

Who is your Shaman that teaches you these ways?
Please show me the way to your elders.
I would like to have a talk.

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