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Solidarity gathering for the No Border Camp comrades on trial
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Solidarity gathering for the No Border Camp comrades on trial

donderdag 19 januari 2012 19:59
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On 8 February 2012 the Belgian State holds its first political trials of those accused of “crimes” during the 2010 Brussels No Border Camp.

Two comrades are in court facing charges of “Armed Rebellion” and “Rebellion” relating to the demonstrations and mass arrests during the week of the No Border Camp.

On 26 September 2010 around 150 demonstrated at the migration prison 127bis in Steenokkerzeel (close to Brussels airport), showing solidarity with migrants locked up just for not having the right identity documents. The police attacked the crowd with horses and batons, demonstrators were beaten unconscious and hospitalised. But while the police act with impunity, two demonstrators, one of whom was in hospital with head injuries, are now threatened with prison for “rebellion”, accused of somehow being responsible for injuries to a police officer who was kicked by a police horse.
On 29 September Brussels Police preventively arrested over 300 people on their way to a trade union march. Demonstrators were dragged off the streets and buses, held for 8 hours without charge, and then forcibly photographed before being released. Some were beaten, sexually assaulted, chained to radiators, and threatened with rape. One of our comrades is also charged with a second count of “rebellion” for supposedly resisting being pushed against a wall by six police, photographed by force, then beaten and sent to hospital.

The truth about “violence” at the No Border Camp is that it was the forces of law and order who brutally attacked people for daring to speak up. Of course, not one of these police thugs or their commanders is facing trial.
Now the State tries to cover up its actions by finding scapegoats it can paint as dangerous “rebels”. They have been singled out as supposed No Borders “organisers”: in fact it could be any of us facing these made-up charges. The truth is that it is the police and authorities who need to answer for their actions that week in Brussels. Just as they need to answer for
their attacks every day against sans-papiers.
We will not accept the criminalisation of protest in Belgium. Their repression only makes us stronger. We will not accept the brutality of the racist and murderous immigration regime. We will stand by our comrades on trial, as we stand by all migrants, prisoners, and others facing state violence. Solidarity is our weapon. Freedom is our cry.

Come to the Palais de Justice of Brussels, Place Poelaert at 8h30 on 8 February 2012
to stand in solidarity with our comrades, and hold the forces of “order” to account.

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