Fotoreportage: muziek op ons Keuningspleintje

vrijdag 21 augustus 2015 10:09
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De zomer loopt op zijn einde, ook die van A. Gisteren op het De Coninckplein met onder andere Veston en Foozen Ken zat de sfeer er goed in.

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Unite Talks: Mohamed Barrie

This interview is one to to take your time for! 🙏 🔆 45 minutes of Mohamed Barrie!🔆 💥 Mohamed is a dedicated social worker, organizer and advocate for veganism. He shares his view on structural racism, power, exclusion and veganism. 🌏 Based on his own experiences he shines a new light on the vegan movement and on the role of racism within these movements. 〄 PS: We just started doing these interviews, so feedback is much appreciated!

Geplaatst door u:nite op Dinsdag 20 oktober 2020

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