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Dekolonisatie… Casus Columbus. James Bird op Facebook in mijn handen

Dekolonisatie… Casus Columbus. James Bird op Facebook in mijn handen

vrijdag 23 juni 2023 17:13
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James Bird

Columbus died in 1505 at the age of 55. He was such a monster that the king and queen of Spain refused to invite him to the kingdom after his voyage to the Americas because of how evil he was during his financed expedition. Word spread fast about how he and his men raped and tortured and murdered the indigenous people in the Caribbean islands.

He became a pariah. He had to flee Genova (Italy) because he raped a 13 year old girl and hid in Spain, where he was broke and bedridden and finally died while his relatives shunned him from the public due to the unthinkable acts he did while at sea. When he died, he was never recognized as an explorer or discoverer of a new world. He was thought of as a “gross character with Gonorrhea, who butchered kids.”

Many Years later, when Settlers were colonizing North America, they needed a white hero to name as the person who discovered the land to justify their colonization and mistreatment of Native Americans. they randomly chose Christofo Colombo because his name had “Christ” in it, and to make it sound more European and Christian, they changed his name to Christopher Columbus, even though he never stepped foot on American soil. Then schools started teaching it. And the rest is history. But the truth is he never discovered anything. He was lost and ended up in a chain of islands. He thought he was in India. He massacred peaceful island civilizations. He murdered men, women, and kids. He tortured and raped. He brought new diseases to each island he invaded. Giving this monster a holiday is insane. We know better. And now we do better. Happy indigenous People’s Day.





Dishonoring Columbus…


Oh such a brave man the creator fo this message is in his text and image!

A real warrior (or should I say worry-er). So constructive is his attitude. He understands the ancient rules! One of them – he thinks obviously – is that the warrior must destroy the other village community to have peace and prosperity in his own.

He is such a (would-be) tribesman.

My friends call me a man with a warrior spirit too sometimes. I try to quench this fire with a dose of wisdom and friendliness; most of the time. After some 60 years it’s getting better.

Maybe the trip James Bird has made recently to the good Old Continent will inspire him to overcome his rancor and deep grudges… I hope so. We in Europe have a tradition that stands for some 2200 years to share knowledge science and wisdom.

By the way; I must thank the indigenous people of America for the gift of Tobacco. Even if it is another two-edged sword.

And when you pray to the ancient forefathers of the Native American Community – please say hi to the spirits of the Navaho & the Apache and the other tribes that out of poverty became robbers and horse thieves looking for booty all the time! Say hi to the spirits of the Mohawk and other North Eastern tribesmen that had a long standing custom of torturing their enemies; fellow First Nation lads!



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#unforgiven      #resentmentisavice     #notograce     #rancorisnotdecent



… Hoe bijna alle waarden die golden in de vorige eeuw na wereldoorlog II vloeibaar werden en op sommige momenten en plaatsen op hun kop komen te staan…

Wat een eenzijdige hate speech, ook al is een deel ervan wellicht juist!

Dekoloniseren moet toch kunnen zonder te des-humaniseren?

Gelukkig staat bij de doorwrochte maar hatelijke boodschap ook een mooie naakte vrouw om ons tot deze “alternatieve waarheid” te verleiden


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