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No Border Camp Stockholm (Sweden) 2012?
No Border Camp Stockholm 2012, Sweden -

No Border Camp Stockholm (Sweden) 2012?

dinsdag 8 november 2011 22:41
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We invite you to the transnational No Border Camp in Stockholm summer
2012: a week of civil disobedience, discussions, film screenings and
direct action against the European migration policy.

In the last 15 years No Border Camps have been situated in border areas
and conflict zones around the world. They have functioned as autonomous
zones for the international movement for the abolition
of all Earth’s nation-states. It has been a part of the work for a world
where no one has the right to oppress others because of where they were
born. To struggle against and question a world which at birth, sorts
people into categories of nationality, gender, class, race and
functionality. categories of below and above the order; authority and
obedience, right and wrong. The exclusion following the borders of these
categories are not limited to around geographical territories, but also
runs within states, in the middle of cities, between and through
people. This is the policy needed to maintain an authoritarian and
capitalist social order:

-Frontex border guards stationed in the east and south, with a military
budget soon to be 150 million Euros.

– Police seizing people without legal documents, in collaboration with
ticket inspectors on the subway.

-Refugees imprisoned in “detention centers” for an indefinite period, for
undetermined cause, while waiting for “removal” by forced
deportation or what may as well in some cases be called murder.

-The EU’s development agency maintaining radar installations in the Libyan
desert to “Manage migration flows”.

– Restaurants and nightclubs exploiting migrants’ insecure and desperate
situation and through that separating us even more.

– You will never be a part of the nationally unifying ‘we’ called
citizenship. if you do not deny yourself, customize yourself, makes you a
white blank page in the service of capital.

It is these borders, the deeply anchored structures of systematic racism
that are made clear in the “Stockholm Programme”, EU’s five-year plan for
the mixing of the problem areas’ internal and external
security and migration. According to the EU, free movement of people are a
security problem. The Stockholm Programme is, as the borders it has at its
directive, not connected to a certain place. Its shadow which falls upon
us all creates barriers in our daily lives, between those who get to
influence, the lucky ones who are included and those that are
deprived of the right to exist.

Next summer, the Stockholm Programme has reached half its lifetime. In
connection to this we will focus on, seek out and attack the places and
structures that are the physical manifestation of a program for the total
hegemony of whiteness norms. This applies to governments,
institutions and all companies that in some way benefit from the
implementation of the deportations, construction and operation of
detention centres and all the people who are “just doing their job “.

We organize this camp because we believe that humanity is worth a vision
of another life, an existence of mutual trust, love and helpfulness. We
want to gather, to share each other’s creativity, to live our vision and
to turn our anger against that which makes these things impossible. For a
world where local and global compassion and responsibility are not
opposites. Therefore we invite all organizations, groups, individuals and
public to participate and contribute in what ever ways they are able to.

The movement for global solidarity and freedom from oppression in the past
years has shown that we will not take no for an answer:
if you don’t step down, we will step it up.

You can be sure that you will hear from us again — for what we do is
important, and you are needed.

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