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Altercatio, a project into direct democracy [English]

zaterdag 6 augustus 2011 21:00
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PA(Project Altercatio) is a very ambitious project to change the way how the political system works and how people are electoral chosen for a position in the government. Nowadays there is no direct democracy, people can vote for a party and certain people in that party but are very limited in the involvement of the decision making itself and also from where the politicians come from and how they really think about certain matters. People on the higher top’s in the party’s hiarchy are chosen by other politicians to join the political decision making, thus resulting that there is not really someone who has a wide way of thinking about subjects or create solutions that benefits the working people.
Other people are forced, if they want to enter the political decision making, to join one of the already created party’s, who have an old vision on the political subjects and who cannot express themselves in a free way, thus outside of the party manifest, resulting in old solutions for new problems with the mismanagement we could see the last 70 years as a result. In short said, people decide over nothing besides on which already created party they can vote and the limited amount of people provided by that party’s.
If you hear the the youth part of the party’s, then you can see that they don’t have their own idea’s, but repeat very kindly what the party tells them to tell.
This needs to be changed. Creating a party with the exact same structure like they exist now has no use whatsoever. It will result in the end in the same way it is now.

The last few years I was thinking about a way that could shift the power from the politicians to the people who actually need good governance.  Politicians on itself are corrupt, because the most of them do not enter the politics for the good of the people, but because of their egocentrism and egoism. They do not care much about how people are threated, if people can exercise their rights to the full, if everyone can have a good life, etc… We can see it practically every day in the news that they send the police to use force silence up to the people who would like to exercise their rights and express their thoughts on the street. Democracy is only usable for the politicians when they can profit from it, in all other cases it is just an empty box.
The system of governance we have now is old and not usable anymore because of the lack of feeling with the reality. They don’t know what is going on in the heads of the people and rely on statistics, taken from a very small amount of people who should represent the whole country. It is even questionable if the statistics are correct. No one besides the politicians know those answers.
That is why I have thought about all this and how we, the people, could build a framework, to take in a non revolutionary way the power from the abusers and give it back to the people, in such a way that governance is possible from bottom-up.
Most people will think, how is that possible? How can so many different kinds of people with so many different opinion’s get together and find a solution for a problem? It is not easy, but it is possible. Everyone, besides the egocentric and egoistic ones would like to see that everyone on this planet can live good, with enough food and the other basic needs. If we did not want that, we wouldn’t live in a socialistic society and we wouldn’t  being proud of it. (applicable to the Belgian people)
The best invention ever, the internet, has already changed a lot of  aspects in our daily life. The way we interact with other people, the way we share information, how we find our love,… The internet is the most efficient way to have fast contact with other people’s around the world. The only thing that could restrict our way to interact, is our language. I will try to keep this draft as simple as possible, not because I think you are a moron, but because everyone can understand a storyteller, but no one understands a politician.
Why should we use the internet to govern ourselves and how can we do it?
This whole paper is created around this question.
I hope you will enjoy reading this paper and for further questions or remarks or you want to participate, you can send an email to
Altercatio, a down-up democracy.

The main purpose of the Altercatio is to eradicate the flaws of our governmental structure that we know today. Let the people, who have to work everyday for the riches of every nation, govern themselves, without having to deal with the egoism of bankers and other people who buy themselves into the government or even just people who want to be in the government for their own agenda’s. We have to eradicate that backdoor for such a kind of people.
We could do that by using the down-up approach.

In a bottom-up approach the individual base elements of the system are first specified in great detail. These elements are then linked together to form larger subsystems, which then in turn are linked, sometimes in many levels, until a complete top-level system is formed.

This approach can be used to build a framework where all decisions from the bottom to the top will be taken about who is capable of coordinating the department of their expertise in the government, depending on their inventiveness, understanding, knowledge and verbal expertises they can show during their time in the debating framework. Not a few people will decide who is capable, but the people who will debate with those people in the framework, I will present in the next chapter, will decide and vote. Even if people are not inventive or have all skills needed, they have certain skills to see if someone is actually someone with understanding of the matter/subject and will support him or not. Majority vote wins and the person with the most votes will then take the department of his expertise to run for the elections and if he or she wins the election will also take the ministerial seat. Why shouldn’t a farmer be a better politician then a lawer?
The Altercatio structure will not have any manifest or keep itself besides on any values then the democratic values. A political manifest outside the democratic values will be outdated the day it was created and will limit the wideness of the debate.

Altercatio, what kind of framework?

The framework that I suggest in this paper is one build on layers, rooms and personal websites, constructed on 1 platform with support for certain tools, required to have a smooth and safe debating environment, and VOIP (voice-over-ip). Voip is essential because of the time frame needed to express something. Voice debates are the most efficient way to exchange thoughts, ideas and other information.
The layers are divided into the national political structure or in an better suited structure. For that country. For this paper I will make  use of the Belgian political structure. The rooms are also copied from the National structure. Of course to avoid the community conflicts that are typical for Belgium.

The layers are all the real political layers:
-Federal layer
-Provincial layer
-City layer
-Local layer(if there is need for this one)

The rooms are all the possible parts of society:
-Economical room on the Federal layer
-Health care room on the Federal layer.
-Social security on the Federal layer.
-Police on the Provincial layer.
These rooms will be accessible for everyone, no layer  or room shall be closed for public. This will cause that people will have a say in every subject, matter and cause they are interested in and thus testing the capability’s of the people’s interested to participate on the elections and the best person will be chosen by the people.
Of course after or during the creation of the technical part of PA, there needs to be a legal entity created to follow the requirements to participate in the elections. This would be some kind of a non profit organization, to make sure that no monetary related issues will influence the way how decisions are made. Project Altercatio will be funded by donations from people, but there may not accept any terms related to that funding. The money comes in and this will be used to fund the framework AND the elections. People inside who are running for the election are not permitted to spend 1 cent to promotional materials. In short said, people decide what will be written on the materials, but will not be allowed to pay for it or to create more promotional material then provided by the framework. Every person will get the same share of the available funds to spend on that particular election.
To make this work, we have to rely on the open structure of this framework where people can actually trust the other people to decide the right decisions and that they can jump into the room to listen en/or just listen to the recorded version.
The legal appointed people, organizing the legal layer and the framework will debate everything related to the legal entity and the framework in a room where everyone can participate. Everything will be recorded and archived.

This is draft version 1, English version. The Dutch version will follow later.

if you have remarks, or are you interested, please contact me here in the comments or ewoudhenri41athotmail/com

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