|VIDEO| Nacht van het verzet

Aan de vooravond van de betoging organiseerden Hart Boven Hard en Tout Autre Chose een cultureel piket met voorleessessies, optredens en animatie.

woensdag 28 september 2016 23:07
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Unite Talks: Mohamed Barrie

This interview is one to to take your time for! 🙏 🔆 45 minutes of Mohamed Barrie!🔆 💥 Mohamed is a dedicated social worker, organizer and advocate for veganism. He shares his view on structural racism, power, exclusion and veganism. 🌏 Based on his own experiences he shines a new light on the vegan movement and on the role of racism within these movements. 〄 PS: We just started doing these interviews, so feedback is much appreciated!

Geplaatst door u:nite op Dinsdag 20 oktober 2020

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