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Call for Solidarity actions with the accused COP15 activists
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Call for Solidarity actions with the accused COP15 activists

woensdag 11 augustus 2010 21:05
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On the 18th of August there will be a solidarity demonstration in
Copenhagen to mark the trial of the first two people accused of
‘organizing’ the protests around the COP 15. We urge everyone to spend
the day or the following days on demonstrations and statements of
support and solidarity – demonstration and manifestations outside
Danish embassies, press work and articles – all are welcome and

During the climate summit in Copenhagen, around 2000 people were
arrested preventively and held in custody while they were trying to
get their voices heard. These people along with thousands of other
activists from around the world were trying to set a different and
more just political agenda in the climate debate.

Approximately 20 people were detained for up to a month, out of which
four people are faced with trials this autumn.* These people are
accused of charges including planning violence against police,
systematic vandalism and serious disturbance of public peace and
order. Some of these charges are drawn from the Danish terror package
and the penalties are strenghtened by the new Danish anti-protester
laws introduced just prior to the COP 15. The charges they face are
unfounded, but can still potentially result in years in prison.

During COP15 thousands of people from around the world gathered in
Copenhagen to challenge the farcical political negotiations at the
Bella Center and demand just solutions to the climate crises. We
demonstrated for solutions that are not only favouring the rich
western world. We protested for real solutions which are challenging
the capitalist system, because this system has a constant focus on
growth and profit that is obviously not able to solve the climate

This dawning climate justice movement was met with antipathy and
arrogance of power from the Danish government, which was reflected in
the form of a massive police repression. During 2009 the Danish
government and the Danish police carried out an intense scare campaign
in the media to demonize protesters and activists. Police were given
extra power and economic resources for the COP 15. This led to
thousands of preventive arrests, month-long surveillance of telephone
and raids of private homes and accommodations, and grotesque and
unnecessary detentions.

The police actions were completely out of proportion and a clear
violation of our democratic rights. Their actions attempted
criminalization of our right to organize ourselves politically. It was
made clear that any movement that dares to challenge existing power
structures and demand political changes are not welcome in Denmark
today. Instead of listening to the massive criticism of the
negotiations, the Danish government revealed a hypocritical lack of
interest in solving the climate problems. And now the Danish state is
trying to make four individuals responsible for a whole movement’s
collective decision-making and collective protests.

In our view – the right to protest and everyone’s right to be heard,
is an essential element in a democracy – even if you are speaking
against the existing capitalist system. We therefore call on everyone
to show solidarity with the accused and make the criticism of the
processes visible.

We would like to receive information and documentation of any actions
you take to collect on our website.

The coming trials is not just about the fact that innocent people
might be convicted, but about everybody’s fundamental right to
demonstrate, protest, take action and organize politically. It is
important that we do not sign away these rights, but continue the fight.
Bron : Dietrich Muylaert

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