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Lessen in urgentie Lessons in Urgency

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This blog is an open source learning platform for our students, first from RITCS, school of arts, and now for our students from the Faculty and Department of Architecture KU Leuven (campus Heverlee, campus Sint-Lucas architectuur Ghent and campus Sint Lucas architectuur Brussel). Themes of this blog: everything that is urgent. Keywords are: activism, the defence of the commons, heterotopia, utopia, swarm intelligence, self organisation, para-architecture, urbanity and civil war, camps, etc. This is an experiment in open classes, in public education (growing up in public), a practice of commoning of knowledge(s). This is ideally a digital common in form and content. Lieven De Cauter & Gideon Boie

House of Time Brugge: lokale common of hipsterattractie?

Op een schiereiland langs de kanalen van de historische Brugse binnenstad wordt er nieuw leven geblazen in het gebouw van de oude Gistfabriek (site DuPont). Het project ‘House of Time’ moet deze plek herprogrammeren en activeren tot een ontmoetings- en productieplek door en voor jongeren. Of hoe ...

Postscript to the Anthropocene   

Humans are part and parcel of the great global common which is the biosphere, the ecosystem of planet earth. Some call it Gaia (Like Stengers and Latour). On this planet earth the human species has become the predominant species, insofar as an entirely new geological epoch has been named after ‘M...

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