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#Occupy – Shamans of the Human Tribe

#Occupy – Shamans of the Human Tribe

zaterdag 3 maart 2012 22:24
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Are they new politicians? Visionaries? Healers? Or all of that?

It was very striking to us in 2011. People got together all over the planet. They were all forming groups to communicate and everywhere we found the same installation: a circle of actively participating audience, with a speaker in the middle. Just like an ancient ritual.

They were called popular assemblies. And we have found that this  way of communication is a lot more efficient than the way of our old politics. The Occupy-movement has created a direct and two-way system in which the speaker immediately knows, sees and experiences the thoughts of the public,  reflected by the hand signs people use. It speeds up communication, it gives a sense of direction and helps to construct, find and create the middle point of the contradictions within the group.  It is open to any spreaker wanting to construct in the moment. And because the speakers in the groups are not representatives of any party or religion, every individual speaks for himself. Intrinsically. It is a communication method full of energy, full of life.

When you compare that to old-fashioned politics where topics being discussed have to be filed prior to the discussion, where members of parties are working within a role which is dictated by their party-ideology, they are limited by the extrinsical fear of loosing elections, loosing money or harming the party-vision. Reactions are postponed to only after the moment when the thought or impulse had arisen. It speeds down their communication in such a way that discussions are spread over days, it is a way where that is only seldom a natural creative impulse from the individual himself, but a self-protecting structure.

”It might be so that our political structures are constructed to be behind natural impulses”

#Occupy-groups all over the world have found and have reached a same agreed-upon-consciousness within months. Something politics have not yet succeeded in the last couple of millennia. It is perhaps not the fault of the politicians itself, but rather of the structures they are forced into, which are built to be behind on time.

I explain: we have seen that thinking is very much related that what is happening in our atmospheres. Thoughts come and go, as people come and go in our surroundings. Trying to work form the idea of inclusion, makes our groups larger, inviting ever-more new ways of seeing and thinking. Inviting our own contradictions to the circle. But politics, trying to decide for a larger group, behind closed doors, is in fact stating beforehand that it will only serve a small group and proofs it is a contradiction of democracy itelf. As a politician or minsiter – which means ‘servant of the consciousness’ – it is his job to find the center of the conscioussness – for them to construct our society.  But finding and creating that center is exactly what #occupy does on the streets. That is exactly how they are already further.

“Centered in Time and Space”

Silence of mind is finding no more contradictions. It is the center of your atmosphere.

In this very wise to find the center point of conscioussness of the moment, since it probably incorporates all ideas that are upheld on that very precise moment in time. But it might be much wiser to also look and see to how to center yourself within the ages. Do you think experiences from the past do not matter anymore? A truth found today which is not valuable tomorrow or yesterday, is just a stepping stone to a better idea. “Centering yourself geographically, centers you in space. Centering yourself historically, centers you in time.”

That is what cultural knowledge  (the incorporation of all we are now and all we have done) is all about. Standing up straight in pride (and living our culture through our body language)  is much more important than having a balanced checkbook. Since the last rule is only something of the last centuries – installed by them who have not yet mastered the knowledge of being in the moment (which is taking in account all he or she knows, letting go of self-protection of self-interst in favour of all mankind). Our body language and the way we hold ourselves up from gravity, is a very careful process of evolution which has proven it’s very important law-of-the-most-adjusted-to-its-biotope. If our body language now cries out, because some rules are trying to tear down the very existence of standing straight, it is a message from the past showing us that loosing exuberance is not only blocking evolution, it is coming down from it. Then it is very clear that a being like us, which biologically knows it is going to be endangered as a whole species, it is going to take that system down. Even the people trying to still  support it, are unconsciously or consciously playing the role of the one that needs to take the system apart. This way he will make unconscious mistakes. Unconscious errors.  Because he or she also – is part of the larger entity. And that larger entity protects life. The beauty is that they probably don’t know it. And the more frustrated they grow, the smaller influence they have.

“It is not an ideological confrontation.
It is a biological exchange.”

It is natural to see, that when we were animals or early human beings, we understood our place within the biotope in a very natural way. So our bodies evolved.  The whole of history is by consequence also present in these moments. It is our nature that will live and shine for going further into evolution. It is not ideological. It is biological

This is why I point these popular assemblies all over the globe as new global rituals. It gives a center of attention, a center of exchange, a place where beings can get together and share information of how to be alive better. On how to keep evolving. Newspapers and journalist have already noticed and pointed out that the movement is both a collective and indvidual evolution. Figures have pointed out that in the places where Occupy-movements are active, a quarter of their demands are met and that there is an exponential choice for more ethical, biological, healthy and fair trade products. They have seen that the communication methods of the #Occupy movement is not only aiming to restructure the structures around us, it is restructuring our own beings very efficiently.

This last example brings me to South-Africa. Where we see many indigenous tribes in their way of life. We see how they get together very often. In circles, with in the middle one person. Rather than starting discussing what is wrong and what needs to change, they perform rituals that have stood the test of time. Their very detailed body movements and sounds, their way of acting and reacting to what lives in the conscioussness, they walk through the projected conscioussness, and their dance is a collection of what they have learned through the ages. It is a teaching that keeps them centered in their geography and their biotope, and it is what keeps them centered in the whole flow of past and future, it keeps them centered in an eternal now, a way that gives them reassurance that they can go on forever. It is the expression of their way of eternal life. Something most Western Religions have been trying to find. Something we all still are looking for. A way of life, that assuredly can go on forever.

“The way of the ancestors”

These rituals are performed by shamans or healers or medicine men. They have learned the knowledge from their ancestors and their ancestors. They acknowledge the relation between man and animal, and their connection to all-that-is. Perhaps they are much closer to the stars than we think. Perhaps they don’t need rockets or spaceships to come to a universal zoom out and see the earth as a whole.

There is even more on the social side of these encircling get-togethers in indigenous tribes. They seem to have a total other way of re-orientation than we do. When a wrongdoer in the western world is caught, he is punished. He is locked up, fined or gets a penalty in one form or the other. This is something which is very strange to these indigenous cultures. They place the wrongdoer in the middle of the circle and they tell him all the things everyone appreciates and love him for. They do not talk one word about the mishap. Instead of telling him where he’s wrong, they’re telling him where he’s right. Where he’s good. They believe that doing harm to society always comes from a lack of love, a lack of connection, a lack of energy. This way has proven to have stood the tests of time within these human beings, but also in monkeys.

The bonobo monkey for example, which has the closest traits to humans, will treat a thief or a wrongdoer in a very similar manner. First they will start to caress the ‘criminal’, gently caring for his body, his feelings and his emotions. They will even have sex with the criminal to heal him. This way the community shows its affection and their connection as a whole and they hope to connect him back in the flow of love. The flow of understanding.

The same effects I have seen in cities within the occupy movement. In the first protests the world was rich, I also witnessed vandalism by young people. Mainly directed to police cars, police officers or to anything that wants to keep them down (a natural instinct, of course).  But as the movement in Brussels did not try to exclude these youngsters, they instead gave them the megaphone, put them in the middle of circle, asked them directly how they saw their actions. Carried by the attention of group, they came to the conclusion themselves that a change of action was inevitable. Hours later you could see the light in their eyes when they actually invited the police to the circle to contribute to the visions we were connecting. Weeks later they were the thriving forces within the group, respecting and taking responsibilities for their human tribe.

The relation is clear. It is as if these techniques have very significant relations to what ancient tribes, monkeys and people have been doing for tens of thousands of years. It is as if their life-proven rituals are becoming a nature of our own beings as well. Whether we want it or not. It is as if life is spreading this information in a very natural and effective way reassuring that the human species, our tribe, together would find a way in which our common projection would manifest as the future.

Let us all live in the moment. Adressing every thought or question that arises.
I feel that way as staying alert. Staying alive. Keeping the eyes open.

Creating a real new human democracy, starts by listening with all your senses.
Good luck to everyone.

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