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Een nieuwe (Europese) Band Aid dankzij een “kleine Belg”?

Een nieuwe (Europese) Band Aid dankzij een “kleine Belg”?

maandag 9 januari 2017 15:26
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Message in a bottle from a loner on his island … Will anybody heed my (written) cry for help? A new Band AID: 1000 professional musicians fighting for the future of tens of millions of European “losers”?
Millions of starving people were waiting for death or help in NE-Africa. In 1984-1985 the pop and rock community acted because the politicians didn’t care that much. Now millions of Europeans are still suffering. Who helps them out of their predicament? Most of them will not die of hunger, but what hope can they have for the future, without jobs, a steady decent income, an affordable house, with diplomas that are not worth much in a long recession and in the next decades when the robots will take over, … I might have the right masterplan for this time frame that also could mean a huge step forward concerning the matter of climate change, but what if I can’t find “voices”?   “Moreover, poverty (including in-work poverty) and at-risk-of-poverty rates have increased significantly in all European countries since 2008, reflecting an overall decline in terms of social justice. In early 2016, nearly one-quarter of EU citizens (24.6 per cent) are regarded as being at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion – an extremely high and worrisome value. Measured against today’s total EU population, this corresponds to approximately 122m. … In Greece, 36 percent of the total population is at-risk-of-poverty or social exclusion. In Spain, this figure was above 29 percent. For children and youths, these shares were even higher. In Portugal, the poverty rate within the total population is 27.5 percent. … Various studies have concluded that the increase in poverty, at-risk-of-poverty and social exclusion rates is a direct result of the policies of fiscal austerity and internal devaluation pursued in recent years.”  Yes, I always was and am still a pretty constant worrier. I fear for the fate of the democracy, the EU, humanity, the biosphere, the world, … Now I have to be a holistic “warrior”. (Dutch: “zich ver-weren = to defend himself) Heal the world, make it a better place. (MJ) I might be smart enough to be the best global problem solver in the amateur category, but without an “army” … I’ve tried, all doors stay locked. I think I know how Columbus must have felt in the years before 1492, when he got rejected time after time. Or the Beatles, but they had a manager who saw their potential and persisted. This is me, apparently … “New Research Says Overthinking Worriers Are Probably Creative Geniuses”   So now I”m desperately trying to find allies, and that since octobre 2014. My means are limited, just mails and fora. I feel partly responsable for thousands of suicides each year. Which could have been prevented by creating up to 8 millions of jobs for the socially and geographically marginalised (36 billion Euro) and putting 25 billion in the pockets of the poorest 20 % of the “national families” for the rising energy costs, which is about 34 million households in the EU. How? Ecofiscal harmonisation in the 27 of 28 countries to raise circa 180 billion Euro a year. (Which would lead to inflation, but probably under 2 %, which is the “old normal”.) 30 of those for the UN Green Climate Fund, 6 for the refugees, … If the UK would participate, it could spend more then 20 billion – I believe; educated guess – on urgent needs like the NHS, social housing, 600 000 social jobs, clean energy, … 

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