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Aristotlement int the modern age

Aristotlement int the modern age

vrijdag 3 januari 2014 12:33
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Aristotle’s subject of preference was change of quality in general, including both the fall of the stone and the growth of a child to adult. This implies a ‘universe of discours’  where movement is pictured as a quality form of change. His drive for curiosity shook the peacefull lives of his fellow citizens in no need of redefining their position  other than their day to day strugle for a kind of aknowledgement which would not sufise for the modern man aware of his place in the gallaries of renowned predecessors. The modern society produces elements fierce enough to defie any god in charge of fate and doom in exchange they proclame power over their environment eluding their descendency of nature itself. A ‘universe of scientifically based reasonings’ challenging many evocations to aid the kindred spirits equally estranged in a world rating miracles in a new language called science. The emancipation of men needs even more explaining in a growing universe of academic pranks as the plot thickens with every new attempt to describe what moves us into certain circles. Kuhn came up with a new way of thinking in his influential work ‘The structure of scientific revolutions’ (1996) in which he deals with a new interpretation on old scriptures of early philosophers.                                                                                            His insights made it possible to conclude a tendency where states nowadays form their own history as to anticipate the interpretations of history with all it’s achievements uptill now. This concept was also presented by Hegel on a golden platter when he discussed this reinstallationproces utilised by many politicians in the strong belief of its  influincial effectiveness on the collective memory as they see fit.  A misconception in the form of repolished attitudes if ever there was one. History doesn’t only revive in descent cultural displays of interest , it’s a living entity desperate for the right treatment. Or as this jewish saying below which opened many eyes and the possibillity for public debate on the holoucoust. “The yearning for oblivion only lengthens the expulsion and the secret of redemption is called recollection.” The bubble of safety surrounding us, in a result of many sacrifices made and sometimes inexplicable occurrings in the passed that entered the public playground, consist of an utmost projection of our own needs unto others. An apology isn’t always asked for. Time has scraped the edges of shame and meanwhile many countries stray in a  so called”grey area of traditionalizing an educational remembrance to ease everyones grave sense of guilt. A gutfeeling that even trensended onto the next generation in an effort to create a better mutual understanding.  However an apology isn’t always given for the same reason. A revelation in diplomatic transparicy is hidden inside the decorum of formal invitations between countries’delegates. The lack of such a gesture in confidence wildly considered as rare opportuneties to exchange interest into eachothers cultures and hereby stating the mutual respect for one anothers contributions to a global economic partnership; correspond with the general opinions of a people with a historical background they are proud of. These delicate proceedings turn into dramatic exposures of personal obligatorie interest when one party tends to be demised by allowing a patrionised response in the public eye. To resist to asses  these new dances on the checkersboard one must be frankly imune to the distribution of their hard earned tax money. For the interpreter  and rationalist seeted in the front row observing current events beeing displayed in our media, the understanding of the evolutions our society is going through will probably increase the demand for discussion on a neutral plain. This comparison of acquirements between the major beneficiary parties bares more importants  than any symbolical protest can acheef. The dove’s feather drained in our lost innocence in which our history books seem to be drenched lying in a graveyard of the nameless soldiers and opressed bestowed with the poisonous gift of redemption condonating their lack of sufficiant  knowledge they could never attain in the first place on the ladder of succes. You may find this a mere incorrect  poetical exaggeration. That is why I challenge you to first of all take the winding road that takes you within reach of the national headqaurters of academic excellence. Guiding you to comprehending the important decisions that were made in anticipation of a reburst to the stable market  and rights earned to ensure our luxery. While you embarq on this explorational journey into your glossed herritage the dead rise from their graves haunting you with their chain and ball. Claiming an afterlife courtesy to behold the pavement of promises scattered between a massgrave of lives and their well earned right to expect a new burial of all the statues that marked their unability to speak from the grave.  Do not forget to pay your curtusies to the man on the street, who with his faul remarks translates this variation in degression as if he were hearing voices desperatly calling for revenge. As a nation we are unable to correspond to an ultimatum that forses an acknowledgedment of responsebility. Therefor it acts accordingly to unwritten laws when silence of the victims is easely obtained. Survivors usually subdue to the festivities heralding the quiet progression of life. They will moreover never fully participate in the new setllements of glory and will fade out into the background, contrasting the lucidity cast from the glass framed prison without a smudge flagranty smeared out for everyone, instigating shelter of repetission. Not only tales of fiction are meant to stirr; motivate; agitate, thrill our imagination. The reality washes them down on shores of a promised land , entrusted with scarse consideration unto a fading concept of improvement. The early philosophers didn’t seem to look for the answers in light of future evolvements. An image comes to mind of a slave working on the feelds, forgetting about his chains as he sings about freedom. The interpretation of the concept  ‘freedom’ is influenced by the changes in our western daily experience and victim of our escape from insecurety. We have let the conception of freedom obtain allure and let it expand unmorally  out of proportion. The glamour aspired by many households obscures us from ourselves to be. The impact of reigning thoughts and adaptations to new political airbrushed climates have taken away the boundaries of exclusive knowledge. Or moral supremacy does not  incline taking full responsibility. We drive the change. We shoot rockets to the moon, further pollute our evening skies with fireworks for every occasion.  The celebration of our mutual bonding is but a charade on the proclamation of our spokesmen and persons. We are driven for change but are being taken down  by only a few attempts to claim the fruits of our responsible behavior as we think reasonable. The element of surprise is the only thing that cannot be dismissed.  The inevitable truth confirming that there is a reason for change takes us further then assumptions. There is a story that pops in my mind. That of English fishermen, greedy for a large profit, eradicate the eggs of fish-eating birds in the surroundings, claiming their throne on the food chain for they are intelligent self supplying beings that can make any change to their environment without any further thought for the consequences. As there are: fish eat bird droppings that fall in the water and this healthy diet keeps their population flourishing. The stupidity of the English entrepreneurs reveals itself in due time when suddenly the fishermen are struggling to fill their purses with worldly goods. Their bright future shatters as they are entangled in the nets of changed circumstances. Now that the view on our methods of immediate satisfaction is altered, the warrant on a better life does not grow cheap accidently. Of course I have stated no more than the obvious. Our alternate developing world challenges us to more profound discussions on our behavioral conduct. Changes appear in many ways. The common mistrust towards strangers is being led on by allowing ourselves to hold on to this stature of self-made-men. Proclaimed opinions are being advertised with classic beliefs of a supposedly well functioning society. But a self endorsing society proclaiming the right on making unfortunable mistakes on perception, as I might euphemistically state, perpetuates in the illusion that failure is of no consequence when empowering wrong decisions. The situation increasingly leans to the absurd. And it will stay this way if we keep rejecting oppositions posed by small groups of unsatisfied dwellers on our planet earth. Even with so many of us this would not conclude in a more impossible inevitability as the one we are chasing now. Society cannot thrive from our beliefs if we do not drastically change and take more consideration to invest in the happiness of any member that wants to be part of it. The thoughts imbedded by communists, liberals, stoical or any other heavily producers of the correct morals to abide; should not be adapted by a world order either. No one can compel us to proceed against intrinsic beliefs when we are willing to die for them.The question isn’t what action is right but how do we take the right actions as to avoid moral justice finding a way to the surface and consequently challenging some of us to review the unleashed opinions before we have to abandon ship. So you see, we cannot let new evolutions and modern technologies emphasize an ongoing course of sticking a finger in the dam like the dutch boy. There is no more inquisition on suitable morality cause we are sustaining them with boundaries of politically correctness and a legal system based on protecting justice being served by enclosing a promise for successful punishment.   After absorbing the radical attempts to change our absolutely intact and respected image of the world by mere submission to its rules, the truth never is justified, and we have to accept that the only way to get to know the world is by knowing ourselves. This isn’t the world Aristotle learned to appreciate in his own way anymore. And as it changes so vast and inconspicuously there will always be a need to considerate the influential grounds you yourself want to put up for scrutiny. Even god almighty wouldn’t be able to judge your trials and errors. He reveals himself in whatever fascinates you more than your need for self preservation.  As they say: It all lies in your own nature.Now and then we trespass the secured boundaries of a territorial society and every subject related matter that it claims to own; we set foot on the shadows casted by wars. Wars that only serve the purpose to make it consistently clear what the importance is of forgetting. We are merely bystanders of an embodied power which is not our own.  Supplied by our fears, it lingers and protects our state of mind. Thus never static, mobilized to utilize knowledge that extends into the unfamiliar, our deliberate expression of morality is dragged into an ongoing testing of our capabilities. We are trained in being guided by illusive facts on life and only regarding the most popular ones. The question that rises above all when it comes to assesing the concept of change is as followed: what is a worthy investment to improve our life quality in a reaction to a hostile invironment in the grasp of even the slightest shifts?! When nothing secures stability to our changing world adequate do we turn to a redefinition of our boundries?Surely everything in its own place and its own time. If I were politically engaged I wouldn’t hesitate to lobby on those terms.   

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