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Wild Walks with PAPA

Wild Walks with PAPA

donderdag 20 mei 2010 09:32
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After Dhaka, Lagos, Sao Paulo Dutch artist Lino Hellings organises the so-called Wild Walks with artists, photographers and journalists in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I had the privilege to be part of it. Wild Walks are organised to get a good look at a certain city and/or neighbourhood in a part of the world. Main question: how do people here cope with life?

The participants get a good look and give their impression every day by their pictures and short texts. Together with Lino Hellings all discern patterns for citylife. This is the work of the Participating Artists Press Agency (PAPA). This agency does what many press agencies can not afford any more: finding news by roaming the streets.

We work with local ‘guides’. Last week Godian Ejiogu (born in Nigeria, now pastor in Rotterdam) has been taking us to the centre of the city, to the shelters for the homeless, the smooth buildings for business and culture and the market where people from all Rotterdam cultures find what they need. This week it was Erika Blikman (born in Korea, ‘community artist’) who showed us building sites in Crooswijk area.

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