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URGENT: Refugee Hunger srike in Ukraine, Call for International Solidarity
Somalië, Hunger strike, Rufugees, Ukraïne, Zhuravychi detention centre, Lutsk -

URGENT: Refugee Hunger srike in Ukraine, Call for International Solidarity

donderdag 2 februari 2012 23:02
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Since 6 January, 58 Somali refugees, amongst them 13 women and 24
minors are on hunger strike in Zhuravychi detention centre near Lutsk,
Ukraine. They demand access to asylum procedures and release from
detention (for further information see

On Monday, they were attacked by riot police that was brought into the
prison and forced to eat.

So far UNHCR, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Pro
Asyl/Germany, Helsinki Committee/Hungary Ukrainian Refugee Council and
some MEPs have intervened, until now with little response from the
Ukrainian authorities.

Therefore, further action is urgently needed, notably international
solidarity and international media coverage are said to make a

We call for pickets and demonstrations outside Ukrainian embassies and
consular posts. Preparations are underway for action in London (Moday):

Please consider whether you can organise some protest, even if only
small in your country/city, ideally, next week, 6-11 February. Invite the
media to this, demand from the ambassador to relay the concerns and
demand of the demonstrators to the authorities in Kiev/Ukraine.

Stop Human Rights Violations of Refugees in Ukraine!

Release hunger striking Somalis from Lutsk Detention!

Please contact for further
questions or with details of your activities.

Border Monitoring Project Ukraine

Bron : Speer

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