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UN Security Council a world dictatorship

zaterdag 2 augustus 2014 18:58
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Abolition of the Veto Right UN Security Council

The peoples of the world suffer from a cruel dictatorship

To strive for a more peaceful and just world with a more equitable distribution of wealth it is  very important to abolish  the veto right of the 5 powerful countries (United States,United Kingdom, France, Russia, China) and  enlarge  the UN Security Council from 15 now  to at least 30 countries.

All resolutions should be taken by the Security Council of the UN, in absolute democracy, one country /one vote.

The best solution would be to abolish the UN Security Council. The resolutions will be decided by United Nations with a two-thirds majority!

The UN General Assembly should also move out of New York, the country of the cruel World oppressor, to a country that respects human rights,for example Costa Rica that don’t have a army since 1947.

Because of this world dictatorship in the UN Security Council, the United States of America,  with the support and complicity of Europe, still continue to get away without punishment  for the committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, terror bombings, with weapons of mass destruction against (socialist/communist,muslim) countries who oppose the predatory “free market” exploitation.

These are just  brutal aggression wars for oil and other raw materials.

The United States of America are cruel psychopaths, serial killers who threaten the peoples of the world, commit massacres and genocides. They are the greatest threat to the national security, interests of the military weak countries in the world.

U.S. perpetrated about 135 aggression wars and  as many violent regime changes. These are terrorist attacks.The death squads in dozens of weak countries, the secret or covert violent operations of the CIA are also terrorist attacks. U.S. doesn’t respect the international law and violates the territorial sovereignty of weak an enemy of peace, freedom and justice in the world. They strive only for the freedom of the American multinationals to exploit the rest of the world.                                          Still not prosecuted because ICC is biased and are just servants of the cruel world oppressors U.S. and NATO countries to prosecute the governments and military of  colonized countries of other continents that they see as real inferior people!

The United States of America are in fact a one party country. The politician leaders are at the service of an “elite” of greedy and malicious people, magnates of the big multinationals and banks which get richer and richer with wars of aggression, with the production of weapons of mass destruction, arms trade, frankenstein food …

Free Exploitation

We live in a criminal world based on the predatory “free market” exploitation.

“Free market” is based on the law of the strongest, economic colonialism. The rampant exploitation of economic and military weak countries .

The richness of Europe/United States of America is the fruit of a cruel, violent theft.

The result is 5 billion extremely poor, a crime against humanity.

The “free market” should be fully reformed so that the economically and militarily weak countries get a fairer share of the World wealth.

The world needs a “Fair market”, so they can compete with each other on a more equal way.

In the meantime, the European colonialists/U.S. world oppressors must pay a monthly minimum livelihood of approximately 3o0 euro a month  to the, in past/present,  exploited peoples of the South and also set-up a monthly dignified worldwide minimum wage of 400 euro/ 40 hours a week!


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