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The real Reasons for Erotic Reticence in the European Circle. An Arrow to increased Tenderness and Joy

The real Reasons for Erotic Reticence in the European Circle. An Arrow to increased Tenderness and Joy

zondag 31 december 2017 17:36
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FYI & FY Future. The real reasons for Erotic Reticence in the European Circle

Thank you,


for the music

of Love and Passion,

and for the musings of a beautiful sensual and erotic Image

such a true Blessing of

our Age.

In my analysis,
the European West
is in the dichotomy
(Sensuality and Sex are
widely connected with sin
and violence is not and is not too well understood)
because of the following two Reasons.

Priests of the Roman Church had to obey
the Celibacy Rule since about the eleventh century.

The natural thing to feel and commit & concede to,
in the bossom of this professional religious group
has of course been a basic Jealousy
and furthermore there was a rise in priests and bisschops of

the fear to succumb to the longings
that Creator located in the human loins…

In this way,

a discourse of negativity has come between

human beings and their erotic Life and Feral erotic Force.

(And of course, deep in his heart

Man is afraid of any real Power).

There has been the Influence of a certain intelligent bisschop in early Northern Africa

more specifically at the End Time of the Roman Empire,

around the year 500.

We are talking of the eloquent man that before devoting himself to a strong religious calling,

had been giving in to a desire and calling towards a very openminded, exploring and active sexual life.

A man by the name of
Augustine of Hippo.

He was to be a writer of an enormous influence on ‘our’ minds.

This power was ‘injected’ in the mind of Europe

through books like the “Confessiones”.
Those clear minded works were read since his time all over the Church,

every where, all the time. In schools and monasteries,

abbeys and universities,

by clerical people as well as lay intellectuals,

in many different languages.

Augustine therein denounced eloquently any Sensual Sex Enjoyment Life Style.
He suggested everybody to live pure lives, as much as possible without recurring to

This he meant to be the wisest advise for young people and for the next generations,

clearly as a reaction to his own fiery adventures. Adventures that made him end up as

a father of a child outside marriage, that complicated his life,

an adult life that he spent largely at the side of his mother.

The bisshop of Hippo (in nowadays Tunesia) misunderstood one major thing:

In offering his advise for the best of lives,
he denied others to walk the road that brought himself close to holyness and to the God of Love

and Compassion…

A Second negative Movement in the history of the minds

stems from the fact that priests and the even more influential but less numerous

Bisschops and arch bisschops

came forth from (extremely) wealthy families.

The parents and brothers possessed large estates, castles,

a big fortune, treasures…

This Sitz im Leben directly disenabled those people to follow the originator of the Church,

Jesus of Galilee,

son of Maria/Myriam,

in the Spirit.

Read the few stories we possess about Jesus.

The Gospels according to John, Matyah, Marc and Luce and the Acts of the

Followers of Jesus,

and the letters by Paul of Tarsis.

Jesus is transparant as a great spiritual man,

that is characterised in a denounciation of the evil influences of Wealth.

Like in the famous verse

“It is more difficult for those possesing more

to enter the Realm of the Good God

then it is to pass through a needle’s Eye

for a Camel”.

(Cfr. Gospel according to Marc, chapter 10)

This way, the Catholic church for centuries,


focused on denouncing

“sinners against the flesh”

(whereas Jesus had no such inclination!)

and not against

sinners of wealth and greed!

These idea’s and strong historically and pychologically underpinned Critique

of a not so natural and not so joyful attitude towards “the Flesh”

that was inbued in us all by the Clergy

can be found in more depth and width

in the essays by Roger Lenaers,

the Flemish Jesuit that is famous in many languages for his honest critiques

on the old dogmatic views of the Church.

(I personally encouraged him to publish for a larger audience

and make sure his works to be translated).


Last day of Seventeen




Post Scriptum

Trendy Intellectuals pretend to know better,

but we live and love and breathe

by the grace of the Sexy Sixties. 😉

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