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Steps for a more peaceful world

Steps for a more peaceful world

woensdag 19 september 2018 10:43
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                                              INTERNATIONALE DAG VAN DE VREDE

To get social consciousness ,to get free from the brainwash from the western world military dictatorschip(NATO) and the partisan Big Media that are just mouthpiece of this evil western elite.

To use your senses and see the truth,that colonial Europe and imperial U.S. are the big aggressors ,criminals,the big perpetrators of war crimes ,crimes against humanity ,genocides sinds centuries.

Denounce the aggressions wars with mass destruction weapons of the western evil elite US/Europe (NATO) against the people of military weak countries.Each bombardement is a possible criminal terrorist attack and they commit billions of bombardements the last years.

Belgium gives shelter to the terror organization NATO.

Defend the abolition of the veto right of the 5 powers at the security council of the U.N.Promote a democratic security council,one country -one vote,promote the expansion of the security council to at least to 30 countries.

Promote moving the U.N. from a barbarian world dictatorschip USA to peacefull Costa Rica,without army since 1947 or Vietnam , a big victim of the barbarian cruelty of colonial masters of slaves.

Promote a creation of a international Court in the south , in a former colonized country to prosecute and punish all war crimes ,crimes against humanity ,genocides by european colonialistes,USA empire and allies,Israel…

Promote the organisation of a international,independent investigation about the 9/11 attacks on WTC towers and Pentagon.( resolution 1368 of 2001 of het security  council UN).The version of the war criminals Bush,Cheney Rumsfeld governmement is very unbelievable and with a lot of contradictions …

Muslims were falsely accused of the 9/11 attacks.

Promote a worldwide dignified monthly minimun wage of about 350 euro for 40 h/ week and a worldwide dignified monthly payment of about 250 euro for the 4 billion unemployed and poor people in the world.

Promote a world wide NO-Fly zone for the military planes with aggressive intentions, as the planes  of the evil elite,NATO countries ,allies and Israel ,Saoedi-Arabia…they kill people that they consider inferior ,they commit genocides and keep unpunished.

The people in the rest of the world live in a cowardly,cruel military world dictatorship of the NATO countries.(U.S.,Great- Britain,France,Belgium,the netherlands ).

WWII was a war between European colonial masters of the planet Britain ,France,Belgium, the Netherlands and a previous colonial power Germany,that got to little of the planet pie and even lost all colonies to the other criminal colonial powers by the defeat WWI. U.S. the new upcoming imperial world power didn’t enter the WWII to free the colonies and to end the suffering ,oppression ,exploitation of the colonized people in the rest of the planet but to defend the freedom of the colonial masters of the planet to stay masters of the planet and keep the colonies.What a shame.

Colonial Europe and U.S. only fought for the freedom of masters of slaves to keep the colonies. Even after the WWII colonial Europe and U.S. commit hundreds of genocides in the colonies against the freedom ,the self-determination right of the colonies and their people.

After the freedom of the criminal colonial power France, at end of WWII, they wage a aggression war,commit a genocide against the previous colony Vietnam ,that got the freedom and independence as a result of defeat of Japan to retake it and to keep it again as a colony.After the defeat and retreat of france the imperial collaborator U.S. wage also a aggression war and commit a genocide against the people of Vietnam.

Also the Netherlands after the end of WWII wage a aggression war and commit a genocide against the previous colony Indonesia,that got freedom and independence as a result of the defeat of Japan to get back his ‘property’ and colony.                                                              By the liberation/independence Indonesia must pay 5 billions dollars to the colonisator The Netherlands  as compensation for the loss of Anschluss.

Because of the revolt of the slaves for liberation and become a normal human being, Haiti also have paid a big compensation to the masters of slaves France.Dozens of years was Haiti  under the yoke of heavy debts.

This is also the freedom,ideals and values of the world of masters of slaves. Shame on you.

Freedom for the colonial masters of slaves (Europe and US ) and slavery and submission for colonies and their people.

So long the people of the planet lives under a cruel military dictatorship of a evil power elite, U.S. and western Europe ,NATO countries, the slaves ,the oppressed,exploited ,the attacked victims have right to legal self-defense.

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Michael Haas”George W Bush,war criminal?Liability for 269 war crimes”

Andrew Cockburn “Kill chain:The rise of the high-tech assassins”

Amy Goodman “The exception to the rulers.Exposing oily politicians,war profiteers and the media that love them.”

Mark Curtis “Web of Deceit.Britain’s real role in the world”

Michel Chossudovsky “The globalization of war.America’s long war against humanity”

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