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Spain Series: Evict the banker. Save the people.
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Spain Series: Evict the banker. Save the people.

maandag 18 juni 2012 18:56
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3,000 people gathered together on Saturday afternoon just outside the Bankia headquarters in Madrid. They were protesting against the over 23,000 million euro founds injection of public money to rescue the company.

The economic crisis and the reforms have transformed a profit of 309 million euro reported in February into a loss of 2.979 million.

It is the highest rescue Spanish financial history. The total amount reach 23.465 million euro, same as  three times the budget of the Ministry of Interior, twice the reduction applied to education and health, and four times the annual State’s scientific research budget.

Moreover, Bankia will hold the general shareholders meeting on the next 29th of June, where will ask its partners permission to issue up to 60,000 million euro in debt or shares.

The protest, was brewed during several days through various ‘hashtag’ discoursed Twitter and took place simultaneously in other Spanish cities, including Barcelona. It was a peaceful march, which ended with an arrested person. The slogans echoed, among others, were “Rescue people. Evict bankers“,”They do not represent us“, “This is not a crisis, it is a rip-off“, “Hands up! this is a robbery”,”The solution is bankers facing prison“, etc. The head of the manifesteation was leaded by a large banner that read “This is not a rescue, it is a plunder“, accompanied by people of all ages armed with pans, whistles and drums.

Though the PA system, people demanded if the state is to “nationalise” Bankia, we must require retroactive payment, the end of the evictions, the transformation of Bankia’s properties into publicly protected housing and an audit of the entity’s debt.

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