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Searching urgently on 24/4 some clowns and music bands

Searching urgently on 24/4 some clowns and music bands

donderdag 8 april 2010 10:57
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Hello friends,

From 20-22 april the the people summit on climate change will be held in Bolivia. Saterday the 24 of april Climate and Social Justice is organising a support action in front of the Bolivian ambassy (at 16h00) They are searching urgently for some clowns and a harmonie (rythms of resistant) to make some fun. Afterwards they are going from the Bolivian embasy Bolivie to the salle theater Marni , were there will be a latin american party.
I know that there exist a new clown army in Brussels, some of you informed me about it. Can you please contact Luc Schrijvers?
(for  more information about 24/4 look to , write   blog from Luc Schrijvers on .

Luc Schrijvers, Member Climate Justice & Social, 02/787.33.55, 0495/71.39.53
I think CJA/ Climate Action Camp should support this action. Maybe we could make some banners or at least distribute some leaflets? maybe we can meet at 2 p.m. at 123?
Bron : Deirdre Maes  & Luc Schrijvers

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