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San Antonio Park Police and Civilian Partner “Cellular On Patrol” Attempted Frame-Up
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San Antonio Park Police and Civilian Partner “Cellular On Patrol” Attempted Frame-Up

woensdag 16 juni 2010 18:29
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San Antonio Park Police and Civilian Partner “Cellular On Patrol” Attempted Frame-Up

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I. Background

Since approximately the second week of November 2009, I have been stalked and harassed everywhere I go, by what appears to be the San Antonio Police Department’s “Cellular On Patrol” and affiliated individuals. I fled Los Angeles in 2008 after having had a similar experience there and had to move six times in that year and only came to San Antonio after becoming broke and homeless in Laredo, TX.

I am currently homeless after having been harassed out of the American G.I. Forum Residential Center for Veterans, which is itself a homeless shelter, by S.A.P.D. snitches, “whom I can name.”

The techniques that have been used to harass me have been primarily non-verbal, behavioral and vehicular.


This has involved “coughing,” “stroking the nose, face and back of the head” whenever I pass one of their agents or they pass me. These are gestures used by police to identify “targets.” This non-verbal language is called “Talking Hands” and is offered as a 6 hour class by the University of Arkansas Criminal Justice Institute. This has been a persistent form of taunting and in my opinion is “intended” to provoke.


This has involved various forms of “mimicking.”


This has involved “brighting,” “tailgating,” “blocking traffic,” “hiding in my blind spots,” “preventing me from passing” and “attempting to involve me in accidents.”

II. Saturday, May 15, 2010 – Brackenridge Park, San Antonio, TX.

I worked from Friday, May 14, 2010; 2200 hours until Saturday, May 15, 2010 at 0600 hours. After leaving work, I parked in the Pearl Brewery parking lot until about 0900 hours. At that time I traveled to the “Valero” gas station and corner store on Josephine St, to purchase food and ask for directions to Brackenridge Park, thinking that that would be a better parking choice, since I had been repeatedly harassed by “Cellular On Patrol” while parking at the Pearl Brewery.

See Still Image “Brighting.jpg”.

At Brackenridge Park, at ~ 0930 hours, I found what appeared to be a safe place to park, under an overpass, and away from traffic. At ~ 1100 hours Park Police patrol Car #2014 parked behind me for no apparent reason. The parking lot was almost empty at this time. The vehicle was driven by a white male.

I don’t know how long he stayed there, because I laid back down to try to go to sleep. I got up again at about 1:30pm and noticed that the parking lot was full. Behind me were parked two vehicles belonging to “Cellular On Patrol” members. I could tell that they were theirs because they were both gray and one vehicle had no front license plate and the other had a metallic “Texas Long Horns” emblem on the back. Also, both drivers left together and were both wearing black “baseball caps,” which is typical of this group.

1. Setup vehicle:

A purple minivan, parked directly in my line of sight, to the left, appeared to be unloading, however the family led by a white male appeared to be doing “nothing” for an extended period of time. Then the white male, who was bald, starts stroking the back of his head as if “pointing out a target.” This went on for an “extended” period of time, before I decided to start recording it. He then started applying “lotion” to his head.” This is what I was able to record in the first video “Setup1.avi.”

It also seems strange to me, that as close as we were to one another, that he didn’t notice me recording the action. The entire time “other” Cellular On Patrol members were circling between me and the subject vehicle.

In the second video “Setup2.avi” he starts applying lotion to his face, then starts dancing. A young girl, I “assume” his daughter pushes an empty baby carriage into the foreground, he then glances to my right where I later discovered Car #2014 was waiting.

In the video “Glance_At_Patrol_Car.avi,” you can see him “avoiding eye-contact” with me, while turning to face the patrol car, indicating that he knew I was there.

I can’t recall why I shot the second video. I think it was either because of a technical difficulty or because the adult male stopped his “head-stroking” behavior briefly.

I believe the adult male subject was either a police officer, a Cellular On Patrol member, or an affiliated person. In the stills “American_Flag.jpg” and “American_Flag2.jpg” you can see the American Flag emblem on his t-shirt, which is typical of this group.

2. Take-down Vehicle:

Moments after the above family finally leaves the parking lot, a vehicle to my right pulls out, and another vehicle immediately pulls in. The driver, a white male, is also with a child and fidgets with the child for an “extended” period of time, places the child in a seat on the opposite side of the vehicle, then positions himself directly in my “line-of-sight” and starts rubbing “lotion” on his head, exactly like the first male subject. Car #2014, then pulls up to the right almost immediately. After seeing the “second” male rubbing lotion on his head and the patrol car pulling up, it occurred to me that I was being “set-up” to “record video of a child,” which in many states is illegal. At this point I decided not to record any video, but instead waited until he and his child left the parking lot to take a “still” photo of the vehicle and its license plate, which was TX Lic: “BF1 P910.” You can see this is in the still frame “Take_Down_Vehicle.jpg.”

3. Analysis:

It is my opinion that this “street-theater” was “set-up” so that I would be caught “recording video of a child,” which would “peg” me as a pedophile. This is complete, ruthless and “criminal” character assassination, which is intolerable from anyone, but especially so from law enforcement officers and those affiliated with them, under “color of authority.”

Also, aside from the fact that they didn’t get what they wanted, I’m sure they’ll add “this” to my “intelligence file.”

4. Aftermath:

On my way out of the parking lot Car #2014 was still waiting to the right, but had moved slightly out of my line of sight. Further down the road from the parking lot where I had been moments before, I passed Car #2714 driven by a white male, who got in his car and drove in the direction I had just come from, the moment I passed him.

After leaving the park, I drove back to the “Valero” on Josephine St., to get more food, and just as I’m entering the parking lot S.A.P.D. Car #0803, pulls in front of me, “blocking my path,” so that I had to walk around him. I made eye-contact with him briefly and his expression looked “worried.”

Upon leaving the store, two white “limos:”

TX Lic: 260 LYK and TX Lic: BF3 L506 were blocking my car from behind. They were parked in a “V” shape. On the side of both limos were painted “” and “333-3333.”

*There was also lots of “other” activity after leaving the Valero.

I can assure you that it was none other than that sick perverted “freak” SAPD Chief William Mc Manus Jr that ordered this. What’s even more perverted is that everyone down the chain of command was not only willing, but “eager” to follow his “illegal orders.” What’s that tell you about the cops and their civilian “partners?”

See still frame “Bill_McManus.jpg”

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