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Reminescent thoughts – Diana Galatus

Reminescent thoughts – Diana Galatus

donderdag 7 juni 2018 16:59
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One day, in March, we went to visit the RecyclArt in Brussels, a place that faced too many issues in order to be understood by everyone in only one storytelling session. A quick description of the place: well-anchored function powerfully linked with the neighborhood, changing faces at each corner. First, it looks like an extension of the skatepark, then there is a bar, oh and an office! People are working in here. But wait, there is a train station too and if you wait a little bit more, there’s a party going on! Where? In the same place – the train station! I thought this is insane. Why would someone want to close this place? There are many other places where a lot of money are invested and nobody is using them! For sure there has to be something going on in the backstage. What to activate for, if not for cases like this? So we decided to have a Sofa Talk with Stefan from Recyclart. I took an Instastory where Lieven was saying “ What So I thought, we have it! We have a background piece, we make this into real text, then we make a petition and off we go! The whole Brussels will sign, we have 5000 people signing it before we know it and then, the moment we had our plan, almost that moment, the city said to wait and see, we will renew things, we will make sure that NMBS cannot complain…” Recyclart lost political position. Isabelle Doucet talks about the Recyclart case saying that it has an additional impact on architectural and urban culture which was effectuated through several actions, each one different.

This case of activism has to do with its morphological position? Yes, it does. By placing an activity under the step of high-placed corporations, agencies, national firms and so on, there are high chances that this activity is forced-pressed by everyone above them. If none of these walking tanks are deciding to raise the chains off the ground, is better that Recylcart starts to tickle these toes.

…the thing with how many time do we kiss in which countries and why and what should be like really remained in my heart. I consider that there are some universal rules, valid for every action that we as human beings take. From how much we care to how less we care. I think that we can observe this from the small things like formal cheek kissing. After the discussion about the kiss, I started noticing different behavior in people, people that don’t kiss even if it is in their culture to do that, people that kiss three times just because they are more friendly in a country with two kisses. I decided to touch cheeks and see if someone is kissing me, or it was only me kissing others until now. You discover many things about people around you after analysing these small behavior actions. Is like shaking hands. I hate people shaking hands like a snake…

Thank you for reading my thoughts.

Diana Maria Galatus

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