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[Ra] When all leads to One

zaterdag 3 maart 2012 22:40
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and God of Atum of this Universe and
the atoms of my Larger, make me small
into my dream. It puts me in the center.
Into an endlessness of time.

I know. I feel. And we have hidden
for this light before. We hid.

And as every cell vibrates
with the songs we sing tomorrow
and the road that opens up
creates a gateway through the sorrow
it holds the heavens to your sky and
to the love of what we cry
to the pain that flows through veins
and the blood that beats my brain
and the brain that always Knows
the good from bad, the things it shows,
it is the gazer through the tunnel,
through the jungle of the funnel,
it is the one that reads these letters
that pretends to be much better,
it’s the pain of being artist,
to find more reason in who smart is,
it’s the echo of the mirror
and the world that I have begged for.

It is ALL!

And the letters that you read.
Are a part of you.

Now the whole world seems to bend
when I say I want to spend
another one of those
with you. With You.

If it only was – imagine.

Every Blink. And Every Sigh.
Every low that leads to high.
In every turn that needs a mirror,
to reflect the completeness in your figure,
in every eye that shows the stairs of stars
the stairs we’re walking up.

We are here. And we were many times.
And this story you are living, you agreed upon.
And that one thing for which you’re yearning, I have bled upon.

And as you feel. That you are me.
And our thoughts melting together,
becoming so, more free,

it is a Nucleus of letters.
A synthesis that matters.

One of centuries away.
And still it shows Today.

It sees the water in your eyes.

(The poet knows. The poet sees.
It’s you who writes. He only feels.)

and he yearns with you

and though we know there’s only round,
as round as endlessly unbound,
it has no start or no beginning
it has no slave or has no king in

just like a waterdrop that’s singing,
creating motion in it’s being
it is trembling for a future
it is birthing through the suture
that fitted and sighed and cried
and died for everything we do.

Right now.It wants it.

through the
tunnel of birth.
the channel of hurt.
come on out…!

the light is You.

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