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New Zealand attacks at Mosques in Christchurch/Horror terror deeds/My sympathy with the victims and their families

New Zealand attacks at Mosques in Christchurch/Horror terror deeds/My sympathy with the victims and their families

zaterdag 16 maart 2019 09:17
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Dear Readers
Sometimes the news totally overwhelms you.Like this horrible news about a mass terror attack on two Mosques inNew Zealand, with at least 49 dead and many injured, includinglittle children.One of the lowest deeds I can imagine.Shooting in a House of God, at one of the most vulnerable andholy moments of a human being.In Prayer.In Conversation with God.
The one, who has this on his conscience, has, as I learned, writtenan about 87 page anti immigration and anti muslim Manifesto, publishedit somewhere and also filmed his diabolical deed.Horrible, horrible……
This evil deed can’t explained otherwise than in the lightof yearlong Islamophobic propaganda and some, whonow speak out their horror about this deed of terror are themselvesguilty of hate speech against Islam and immigrants.
From this place I sincerely offer my sympathy to the victims andcondolences to their families and the whole islamic communityin New Zealand.
I know, it is not so much too offer, but by writing this Iwant to show my feelings of solidarity, sympathy and support andpoint out, again, how alert we must be on the madness ofracism, discrimination, Islamophobia, anti semitism andother forms of Evil. 

We must continue to fight against Evil.WE MUST SPEAK OUT!

Astrid Essed

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