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Neo-Nazis from around Europe to march in Sofia — Feb. 18th 2012?
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Neo-Nazis from around Europe to march in Sofia — Feb. 18th 2012?

zondag 5 februari 2012 16:05
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Neo-Nazis to march in Sofia once again.

Please spread the word and put some pressure on Bulgarian representatives in your countries (e.g. embassies). Bellow is the position of an antira initiative from Sofia.
Civil Initiative “People against Racism” (????) addresses the Municipality of Sofia and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria with the request to interfere and ban an international neo-Nazi / racist conference on 17.02.2012. and a neo-Nazi torchlight procession (known as “Lukov March”) on 18.02.2012.

Below follows the position of ???? sent to Mr. Daniel Kirilov (Regional Governor of Sofia), Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova (Mayor of Sofia), Mr. Elen Gerdzhikov (Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Counci), Mr. Krasimir Dimitrov (provisional  Director of Directorate “Public Order, Security and mass events”) and the Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria – Mr. Konstantin Penchev:



In 2012 neo-Nazi gangs from Bulgaria and other countries are planning to carry out again their so-called Lukov march on the central streets of Sofia. Under the cover of this year’s slogan “Day of Heroes,” the organizers intend to demonstrate once again their admiration for the openly fascist and racist views of the former minister of war and legionnaire from the time of World War II General Hristo Lukov. Further, the participants in the march use its date, February 18, as an occasion to align the anti-Semitic ideology of General Lukov with the universal values of equality and peaceful coexistence of people of all ethnicities embraced by Vasil Levski, the 19th century revolutionary who was executed on this date.

As usual, participation in the march and the organization of the event will be done by Bulgarian National Union (BNS), National Resistance (the Bulgarian formation of autonomous nationalists), Blood and Honor and other neo-Nazi formations. Their members’ hatred for what they call the “anti-Bulgarian” and “dishonorable” part of the modern population of Bulgaria – including Jews, Gypsies, foreigners, homosexuals, people with leftist political views – is overt. There are numerous cases of threats and physical assaults on “enemies” of this kind. Recently, Asen Krastev – a representative of the governing body of the Bulgarian National Union, along with another young neo-Nazi,  Stefan Mehandzhiyski, was found guilty of making and hanging ? Nazi flag with a swastika on the chimney of an abandoned factory in the city of Pazardzhik.

Members of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups from abroad (Germany, Russia, Romania, Belgium and others), that are often banned in their own countries, also participate in Lukov march in Sofia. There has been media coverage of such relations. For instance, in December 2010 a group of German neo-Nazis visited  Bulgaria, where they organized a rock concert in Sofia and carried on gun-shooting trainings.

On February 17, 2012 in the eve of the Lukov march the organizers plan to hold an International Conference on “The situation in Europe and the white world, with emphasis on nationalism as the only solution for saving European civilization and the white race in general” – again in Sofia.

Is there anyone who still holds illusions about the true nature of the organizers and the  march itself as a “cultural” event?

Carrying torches, wearing military uniforms and having the permission of the Municipality of Sofia, the parade is expected to be a triumph this year. After the brutal “doener murders” the European public can hardly be shocked by a neo-nazi march, however, marching under the portrait of an anti-Semitic general, waving flags with swastikas and Celtic crosses and shouting “Free, Social, National” comes a little bit too much in a city which is a candidate for the “Cultural Capital of Europe” in 2019  And are all these “the values” shared by the residents of Sofia and its institutions?  And what does this silence before the pompous show of the most hated anti-human ideology really mean? Condemnable apathy of the political class? Social decline? What does this all mean in the 21st century?

The Initiative against neo-fascism, racism and xenophobia “????” insists on stopping Lukov march in 2012 and banning it for the following years.

The Municipal and Regional authorities of Sofia should not assist nor allow such events.

As residents of Sofia / Bulgaria we refuse to be identified with any anti-democratic, anti-humanand racist ideologies and parades!

No to Lukov march!

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