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My final non western non mainstream politically incorrect thoughts on the Paris attacks in five points

My final non western non mainstream politically incorrect thoughts on the Paris attacks in five points

zaterdag 10 januari 2015 14:04
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1. I think we owe these attacks to the horrible way the west has ruled the world. How many people did France murder in its colonial history? How many people are still dying every day in France’s oppressive postcolonial present? France plays a very dirty role in the muslim world, we can agree on this, can’t we?
2. Yes, I think islam is a medieval superstition that the world is better off without. At the same time I think many people seek shelter in this totally ridiculous superstition because they find it impossible to make sense of the world and its immense social and economic injustices without turning to this sort of superstition. These people are desperate. Something, somebody is making them desperate. Are we part of that something, somebody? Let’s ask ourselves that question. Are we entirely innocent? I think not. Let’s not say I am Charlie. Let’s say I’m guilty.
3. To islam people: I think you believe in dumb things, but I won’t kill you for that. I’m not very depressed today, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t kill me for saying this. If you do kill me for this, please take into account that I would have a lot more readers if you did.
4. To the dead cartoon people: I’m sorry you died over cartoons that I really didn’t think were all that funny. I also think you were attention seeking idiots, just like the people that killed you. Islam is just an easy target to attack. I would have liked it more if you had analyzed why people are still attracted to such insane medieval beliefs. I think you were in a luxury position and made some pretty dumb decisions. I’ve been stupid too, because I’ve also made fun of islam. Like I said, it’s such an easy, juicy target, but making fun of it, doesn’t really help us get rid of it. Also, in the future, if you do decide to make fun of something, please be… funny. And wear a bullet proof vest or something. Or better yet, REALLY stand up for your beliefs and go and join the US army in Afghanistan or something.
5. Let’s not support extreme right wing politicians in the wake of these events. The best way to get rid of islam is to help bring prosperity to everybody in this world, to eradicate the huge wealth gap and to finally get rid of poverty, oppression and wars everywhere.

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