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Media, technology en democracy

Media, technology en democracy

woensdag 28 september 2011 17:36
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Preparation for Hack Democracy….

New media-technology has always boosted democracy and has in the proes always been hijacked by the powers that bee.

We could tell this story starting by bookrpinting, of newspaper printing: there never would have been trad unions en labor partys without newspapers.

Yet I would like to focus on the last decades of the 20° century en the first decade of the 21° century

There never would have been such a thing as May 68 wihout offset printing

There never would have been punk (and the post punk fanzinne movement) without copy machines (copiër).  By 1988 <=>1994 studies show that there more fazines circulating than magazines (in the US)

There never would have been the anti globelisation movement without the internet

There never would have been Tnunesia & Egypt (Libia is a slightly other story) without Twitter and Facebook.

This list is far from complete, it would be great if some media professor would study this….

What those media technologies have in common is that worked bottom up.
You did not need a huge amount of monney to make website, …

In 1999 we made indymedia with alomst no money.
We used an old computer as server
We received som space to stream audio en video
We recyceld the code from Slahdot

We had a website that had more visitors than de CNN website. 

You did not need a great amount of money to create a facebook page.  But the new changes in facebook announce that that will change to.
How long will it take befor one can become a premium member who’s story’s are always send to all his member, likes, friends, ….
How long will it take befor one can become a braodcatsers who’s video’s ar streamed high quality ,…

What hapenne dto concept as freedom of speech as all of accept that some things are sencored becaus it is on apple?
It is as if somebody made paper o wich is is impossible to print, drawn… nudity.

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