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Koerdisch protest tegen Turkse bombardementen in Noord-Irak

Koerdisch protest tegen Turkse bombardementen in Noord-Irak

donderdag 28 juli 2022 11:46
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Koerdisch protest tegen Turkse bombardementen in Noord-Irak

Op 26 juli 2022 protesteerden een 100-tal Koerden op het Brusselse Schumanplein tegen de Turkse bombardementen op Noord-Irak.  Wij brengen de persverklaring van de Koerdische gemeenschap. LEF was bij de actie om onze solidariteit te betuigen en filmde het gebeuren.

Persbericht van het Koerdisch Nationaal Congres


0 Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê Kurdistan National Congress Congrès National du Kurdistan Rue Jean Stas 41, 1060 Bruxelles Tel: 00 32 2 647 30 84 Homepage: E-Mail: KNK


StopTurkish genocidalmilitaryoperations against

Kurdsand Kurdistan

On the 17 April2022, theTurkish state started a new comprehensive attack on the Kurdish people and their self-defense guerrilla forces (HPG) in South Kurdistan (North Iraq). The heavy air raids, artillery bombardments and ground attacks have so far focused on the South Kurdish regionsofZap, Metîna and Avaşîn. Hundreds of war planes, armed drones and helicopters and thousands of Turkish soldiers are reported to be involved in the operation. Latest reports state that heavy air raids, artillery shelling and movement of Turkish ground troops continue in the area. Before the start of this ground attack, the affected regions had been attacked heavily by Turkish war planes and artilleriessince April 14. Last year, the Turkish army had attacked these regions for months while resorting to the use of chemical weapons over 300 times. Thisresulted in emptyingdozens of border villages,burningthousandsof hectaresof forest,and destroyingthousands of trees.Withthis new operation theywantto destroy andoccupymore.

Map source: International Crisis Group

With this new all-out attack,the Turkish state seeks to occupy all of South Kurdistan and commit a genocide against the Kurdish people in the region. Therefore, this air and ground operation constitutes aserious threat to the regional and international stability. The Turkish fascistpresident Erdogan hasgivenorder for this attack, since he assumes that the attention of the international community is completely focused on the war in Ukraine. Thus, he wants to benefit from the current situation and

carry out yet another attack against the Kurdish people. This occupation war once again shows that Erdogan is trying to manipulate the international community by claiming that he is working to achieve peace and stability in Ukraine. Yet, last night´s start of Turkey´s attacks on South Kurdistan makesit clear that Erdogan is only making these claims in order to allow his dictatorial regime to carry out attacks and occupations in Kurdistan. Unfortunatelythis manipulativepolicy by Erdoganseems to havegained a relativesuccessto silencetheUS, UN andEU memberstates and the main stream mediain order to continue onhismilitaryactions which destabilizestheregion and the world.

The current operationsare not just a war onthe PKK but also a clearattack on civilians across the Kurdistan regionsin Turkey, Iraqand Syria. Erdogan`s main goal and ideological conviction is to destabilize the region, occupy Kurdistan and carry out a genocide against the Kurdish people. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge that the new attack on South Kurdistan aims to occupy South Kurdistan as a whole –including the oil-rich regions of Mosul and Kirkuk, thus constituting a clear violation of all legal, moral and international norms. After the IS dirty inhuman and genocidalattacksin the region whichwere/area big threat againstthe world but now Erdogan is doingthe same but with the help of NATO equipment’s. Only one day beforeErdogan startedhis new occupation in South-Kurdistan, theTurkisharmy anditsmercenariesattackedthe ChristiansEaster in thevillages on thenTel-Tamir front, including the Christian-Assyrian villagesof the Khabur Valleyin North-East Syria.

In a first statement last night,the Press Center of the HPG (People`s Defense Forces) published the following information about the newoccupation operation: “The Turkish state has launched occupation attacks on the areasofŞikefta Birîndara, Kurojahro and Çiyayê Reş in the Zap region. These areas are being bombed massively, and attempts are being made to deploy soldiers in the area with the help of helicopters. The attack on the Zap region is not taking place from the north[i.e.,Turkey] but from the south [i.e. KDP controlled areas]. The flights [of Turkish war planes and armed drones] are taking placefrom the Bamernê-Amêdî area via Şîladizê.”

The new Turkish military operation comes just three days after KRG PM MasrourBarzani meeting with Turkey’s Erdogan. This clearly shows that the Turkish state is receiving active support from the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) for its occupation attacks on South Kurdistan.



➢ The Iraqi government, the Kurdistan RegionalGovernment(KRG) and the KurdishParliament in Erbil need to urgently take a stance against these attacks and file a complaint against the Turkish state at the United Nations (UN). The Turkish state and its collaborators need to be condemned and punished for their occupation attacks.


➢ We call on all member states of the UN and the EU as well as on the USA to take a clear stance against the occupation of South Kurdistan and the renewed war started by the Turkish state. If this war is not stopped, it will only further destabilize the whole region.


➢ We especially call on the international public, human rights organizations, civil society organizations and the international media to raise their voice against this dirty war. Taking a stance against the Turkish government`s war of annihilation and genocide against the Kurdish people, the Freedom Guerrillasand Kurdistan`s nature means standing up against fascism.


➢ We call on all governments and international organisations, including the UN, the NATO, the EU, the Council of Europe and the Arab League, to take an urgent action against this violation of international lawand to demandtheTurkish army towithdrawits troops from South Kurdistan, andhaltall arms exports to Turkey.


➢ We call on political parties, human rights organisations, organisations for peace, trade unionists and activists to oppose thisTurkish aggression and occupation


➢ We must break the silence on Turkey’s invasion of South Kurdistan and take action!


Kurdish people demonstrating against Turkishinvasion in South Kurdistan



Christian Peacemaker Teams -Iraqi Kurdistan:

Prior to launching Claw-Lock operation the Turkish air force bombed Shiladze, Deraluk and Kani Mase surrounding villages almost 50 times. Also, dozens of Turkish soldiers were deployedfrom helicopters to the mountain ranges in the Nerwa-Rekan area.

The Executive Council of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK):

“While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is trying to play the role of mediator in the Ukraine war and portray himself as a peacemaker, he has now launched a renewed, large-scale military offensive against South Kurdistan (northernIraq), another unprovoked campaign by the Turkish Armed Forces to invade, depopulate, and occupy more of the area. Once again, the true face of Erdogan, that of an aggressor and occupier, can be seen in Kurdistan. A policy of denial and war against the Kurdish people is a central principle of the Turkish state and Erdogan’s leadership, and Erdogan’s transparent efforts to act as a mediator on the internal stage serve only to distract from the destructive role that Erdogan continues to play in Turkey, Kurdistan, and throughout the wider region”.

War against the Kurds will not prevent Erdogan’s downfall

The Kurdish Democratic Societies Congress in Europe (KCDK-E)

“TheTurkish state has launched an all-out occupation attack on the Medya Defense Zones. The guerrilla areas are attacked within the framework of the concept that became public before. The attacks are carried out from the air and on the ground.

We call our people in Europe, Canada and Australia to attention and immediate actions against the occupation attack. The bombing of the Medya Defense Zones is aimed at annihilation. Our people must take a stand against the occupiers and treacherous collaborators and stand behind their freedom fighters. For this reason, in the spirit of mobilization, we call for action everywhere today and tomorrow.”

People’s Defense Forces (HPG):

“The occupying Turkish army has been carrying out intense ground and aerial attacks against Medya Defense Zones for months. The Turkish offensive has escalated in the Avaşîn and Zap regions, especially between April 14 and 17. A new invasion attack was launched by the Turkish army in the Avaşin and Zap regions in the evening of April 17.

In the last four days alone, our territories have been bombed 147 times by fighter jets, and there have been countless howitzer attacks from the ground. In the airspace, flights of armed drones and fighter jets continue to take place without interruption. The first wave of attacks on the regions of Avaşîn and Zap failed due to the resistance of our forces, which was carried out with great sacrifice. In the actions of our forces so far, 28 invaders were punished, nine invaders were injured and two attack helicopters were hit. The heroic resistance of our forces and the battles continue in massive form.”

Film van de actie

Deze (zoveelste) brutale actie van Erdogan, zowel als het Koerdisch protest worden in onze media doodgezwegen.

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