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Jonathan Doyle (burgerjournalist ) in New York (USA) zoekt contacten in België.

Jonathan Doyle (burgerjournalist ) in New York (USA) zoekt contacten in België.

donderdag 8 april 2010 19:15
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Ik heb Jonathan Doyle ontmoet tijdens de COP 15 in Kopenhagen. Hij is burgerjournalist in New York (USA). Tijdens de COP 15 heeft hij videomateriaal gemaakt over diverse akties.  Ik heb nu wekelijks via skype contact met hem .en hij heeft me gevraagd om onderstaande tekst te publiceren .. Hij zoekt contacten met organisaties en personen in België om hun informatie uit te wisselen en/of  te bloggen op Ik zou zeggen … bekijk zijn site eens …en wie weet kan het jullie interesseren…

BIGFOOT VIDEO OUTING ON MT MONADNOCK GENERATES CIVIL RIGHTS CONTROVERSY !! NHCLU INVOLVEMENT !!</b><br>What began as an enjoyable outing for a few friends from the Monadnock Region may have blossomed into a full-fledged civil rights case involving Keene NH based videographer Jonathan Doyle, Monadnock State Park, the State of New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union.

This past fall, Doyle shot an informal video at the summit of venerable Mt. Monadnock. Doyle ascended the mountain alone, then set up his camera on a tripod, donned a Bigfoot suit and took some humorous shots of the hairy creature gamboling about on the rocks. Doyle then interviewed folks around the summit about “Bigfoot Sightings”. The event, and Doyle’s plans to follow up with an additional video outing later in the autumn, made front page news in the Keene Sentinel. Subsequent to the release of this article, Doyle ascended the mountain a second time. He brought along a few local friends in costume, dressed as Bigfoot, a Jedi master, and a whimsical young pirate.

The shooting was interrupted (at the Halfway House mountain midpoint while the team took a short break), by a noticeably irritated park director, who summarily ordered Mr. Doyle and his small group off the mountain.

The expulsion of Doyle and his compatriots from the State Park recently attracted the attention of the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union. The NHCLU has mailed a letter of complaint to the NH Department of Resources and Economic Development. This letter questions the legality of the ejection, and requests that the Park apologize to Doyle and allow him to continue his extremely low impact project.

To date, the Park/State has not responded to the NHCLU complaint.

Will Bigfoot be allowed to return to Monadnock, or will the forces of artistic expression be kept in the shadows? Only time will tell…..

Stay tuned to and watch the  NYCreator team help Bigfoot fight for his rights!! Remember, if today they can come for Bigfoot, one day maybe they will come for YOU!

<br><br>8 March 2010<br><b>Good Will Angel</b><br>Local Artist provides Angelic Presence on Sunday in Keene
Date : 3/7/10
In the view of local artist and videographer/designer Jonathan Doyle, spiritual exploration carries more weight when it’s tangible. This past Sunday Doyle, the director of NYCreator, noteworthy recently for a Bigfoot first amendment controversy centred at Mt. Monadnock, donned a shimmering white angel costume (with beating wings) of his own design, and made a public appearance at two Keene locations.
His first stop was the St. James Episcopal Church, in the middle of Mass. A friend had to hold the doors for Doyle, whose wings prevented easy arm movement.
“You’re nuts”, said the friend, as Jonathan walked into the solemn, hushed ritual.
As luck(?) would have it, the priest was delivering a sermon on finding God in unexpected places and unforeseen ways. While Doyle stood, majestic and radiant, in the back pews, the priest continued to speak on the magic and mystery of the divine presence.  Meanwhile Doyle communed with the words of the sermon, and the various spiritual symbols and images in his field of view, alongthe church walls and ceiling.
“I felt as though I was somewhere in the middle place between being a human being and being one of the higher entities represented by those images and symbols”, mused Doyle. “I guess that’s what angels are, middlemen between humans and God.”
Though the artist received a few skeptical glances from the pious, he was not asked to leave.
After the service Doyle made his way, with a gentle beating of the wings, to Keene’s bustling central square.
Enjoying the laughter and compliments of passersby,and enduring the scowls and evident hostility of the periodic less-supportive who eyed him, Doyle stood on a stone pedestal in Central Square, under a kind and crystalline March sky, waving his wings periodically, and dispensing positive intentions to the whole of humanity.
“Basically,” said Doyle, “I was spending time out there in town this Sunday as an angel of good will, feeling a real connection with the highest parts of myself.”
What was Doyle’s intention in walking town in a white angel outfit?
“It was half personal and half social,” the artist explained. “I wanted to have the experience myself, and I sincerely hope that I may have inspired some people to look for, or act from, higher parts in themselves.”
If people seem kinder and gentler in keene this week, you may have Jonathan Doyle to thank for it.

<br><br>10 feb 2010<br><b>Nature Rights</b><br> NatureRights Foundation is a young nonprofit organization created in June 2009 in Belgium. NatureRights is currently developing a web2.0 platform to connect citizens and environmental protagonists. On top of social network features and mobilizing tools, the interface will promote existing map-based preservation projects and permit group funding towards preservation projects, visualizing the impact of everyone’s contribution and monitoring preserved areas. The project will launch early 2010.

We met Jonathan Doyle of NyCreator during our trip to Copenhagen where we presented NatureRights at 2 side events, one of the Leading Group on Innovative Financing at the French Embassy, and one at the iSeeT Kiosk -Bella Center, managed by the Framework Convention of the UN on Climate Change.

Meeting Jon was a great opportunity for creating a visual track of our travel, the team experiences and the project presentations, as our usual reporter had at the last minute canceled his trip. We were able then to cover all we experienced and felt, so many different atmospheres happening in Copenhagen, from institutional events, where either corporate and politics were grey and serious, to extreme citizen’s movements reclaiming justice and anger. Jon could adapt himself to any situation, with the same gentleness, professionalism and understanding we pride our selves on, and we spent the whole journey together as if he had always been part of our team, of our humor, and way of living. We hope we will be back together to work in the next international events as Bohn or Mexico.

  At this stage, NatureRights is looking forward to launch and to do so, have some financial visibility over the 2010 year. Common good is a necessary choice of life, and a meaningful project for the planet, but it has to go along with concrete economic solutions to enable the future. The challenge this year is to ensure a self support for NatureRights and autonomy, in order to launch the website, create a growing NatureRights community, achieve some preservation projects and bring support and tools to people that are changing the world. In the meantime, visit:

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