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How we can understand the Nature of the Messianic Obama’s & of the Poor Souls mocking them

How we can understand the Nature of the Messianic Obama’s & of the Poor Souls mocking them

zaterdag 21 januari 2017 18:25
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The historic events happening in Washington DC have given me an excellent opportunity to test a Theory about human Beings. It is about how we name the difference between great people and small people, or if you will, Great Minds/Souls and poor/small minds & souls. Obviously, the difference between Barack Obama & his spouse at the one hand, and Donald Trump at the other is quiet interesting to discover Deep Truths in this area. A day after the Inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the U.S.A. I  immediately put to work in several online debates the insights I developed over the last three years on the matter.  One of these Battles took place at the Yahoo Information Site, where it is offering “People” News Community to the users of its Search Engine and email provider. I will just let you read along with the Discussion, the Dialogues, and end with an Semiotic Epilogue.  I selected a dozen of posts out of the seventy or so that I read myself at high speed, while new comments came in. I intersperse the opinions with my occasional replies. What about the content? A majority are exremely negative towards Mrs. Obama and her Husband the President. Somer are more reasonable or catch part of the value and glory that the pair incarnate. In the negative testimonies and opinions, I got the impression that the relief proves to be great for scores of poor and lowly souls, now that The Two Demanding & Exemplary Great People are leaving their position at the top of Society.

The actual occasion to let off steam (and masses of it!) was provided by the Tweet Mrs. Michelle Obama made a few hours after she assisted in full style and class to the reception of Trump and his lady in The White House as the Presidential Home. (The First Lady has critisized firmly this man over the last four weeks on occasion, whilst always avoiding to speak out his name.) Michelle had written to her fans and followers an interesting message: “I will be back before you Know It”. To this tweet, one reaction after the other, several in a minute, poored in, hour after hour, totalling more than 700 when I stepped in the debate at three o’clock on January 21st. I render here as an introduction and context element the first part of the article by the journalist of People, Tierney McAfee. (3030 words)


Michelle Obama Promises on Trump Inauguration Day: ‘Will Be Back Before You Know It’

Tierney McAfee

PeopleJanuary 21, 2017

Michelle Obama Promises on Trump Inauguration Day: ‘Will Be Back Before You Know It’

Michelle Obama forcefully and passionately warned last year of the dangers of electing Donald Trump. And, for eight years in the White House, she was never shy about her dislike of politics or her resolve to never seek political office herself.

But, within hours of sitting witness to Trump taking the oath of office and then making her post-inaugural getaway to Palm Springs, Calif.,  Mrs. Obama was on Twitter, promising her followers that she’s only taking “a little break.”

“Will be back before you know it to work on the issues we care about.”


The former first lady’s tweet came amid social-media outrage over how, at the moment Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States at noon on Friday the Trump team assumed control of the website—and pages on LGBT  rights, climate change, health care, and civil liberties disappeared.

That sparked concern about the fate of those issues in the brand-new Trump White House.


Mrs. Obama’s promise to be back on the job fighting for her priorities was blasted out with the hour.

Earlier in the day, one steeped in tradition and protocol, Mrs. Obama’s demeanor and emotion were inscrutable as she carried out her duties as outgoing First Lady—hosting the Trumps in the White House Blue Room for tea, sitting on the Capitol steps in a cold rain.

It was a graceful coda to her active role in the transfer of power.



N.B.  My Screen Name at Yahoo is “Christopher”.


1 hour ago

So good, so well done of this noble lady. May God be extremely graceful to all her upcoming days and decisions. We are with you, Love from Louvain, Belgium.

Since President Barack Obama first took office: The economy has added nearly 10.7 million jobs. Median household income has gone up $1,140, or 2 percent. The buying power of the average worker’s weekly paycheck is up 4.2 percent. Median sales prices of existing single-family homes are up 23 percent. The unemployment rate has dropped well below the historical norm; job openings are at a 15-year high. Corporate profits and stock prices have both soared to record highs. The number of people lacking health insurance has gone down by 16.5 million. The murder rate is down nearly 5 percent, despite an increase in 2015. The number of unauthorized immigrants estimated to be living in the U.S. is down, according to demographers. Wind and solar power have quadrupled; coal production has dropped 36 percent; carbon emissions have gone down 12 percent. However, the poverty rate is still 0.3 percentage points higher, and the number of Americans on food stamps is up nearly 36 percent. Federal debt has more than doubled, and annual federal deficits, after shrinking, are again on the rise. The home ownership rate has dropped to the lowest point in more than 50 years. Handgun production has more than doubled.

      • AvatarMister Mischief 2 hours ago

        @Moose…What you failed to mention is that the greatest percentage of people on food stamps are Caucasian and live in the southeastern quarter of the United Stayes, specifically red states and for decades long before President Obama came on the scene. Doesn’t all the hate and outright racism posted under this article blow you away? Maybe all these haters should go live in Russia or China or some place where they have to worry where the next meal is coming from and they have no freedom. To think that I served in the military, risking my life and limb for 4 years to protect all of these people who are the filth of the earth appalls me. Very few of you will get a passing grade on Judgment Day, so prepare to burn for eternity. God is ashamed of all you haters here!

    • Axelle 30 minutes ago:
    • She can go and shine the shoes of Trump.
  • Avatarcoho 7 hours ago

    Liberals are very good at making things up. Nothing here is correct.

  • Gentle Rider12 minutes ago

the obamas problem, like many politicians, is they think this is about them and their ingenuity….its not but its about the spirit that runs through their veins and that one is antichristian and antiamerican rooted in Islamic and communist idelogies acations are over.


Look here. This one I found particularly relevant and interesting: I also think that the chances are high that the unstable character that mister Trump is, will have to end his presidential mission much sooner than after a term of four years:


  • BiBBiB

18 minutes ago

President Obama and the First Lady have more class in their pinkie fingers than some folks have in the entire being. You will be missed by Patriotic Americans but definitely not by the Ugly Americans that Comrade tRump has unleashed. Thank you President Obama for saving our country from Bush’s disastrous failed presidency. Hopefully, we will find another individual that has the dignity, honor and integrity such as you to clean up the mess after Comrade tRump’s rule. Now the country will be assaulted by tRump’s constant hissy-fit tweets and third-grade level “HOW GREAT I AM” rants from the man-child for 4 long years unless he get impeached first.

  • PD

28 minutes ago

Obamas set back race relations in this country fifty years,gave haven to terrorists and criminals,promoted homosexuality and blamed all of the countries troubles on the people that will end up paying the tab for their misguided administration the national debt increased nine trillion dollars give or take a few hundred billion although in all fairness a good part of that was brought on by his predecessor and congress at the time Let us hope that the new administration can put the train back on the tracks and reverse the last sixteen years.

  • David

34 minutes ago

It would be nice that people who write these comments keep them to themselves. Do you think that you can possibly show some class, and at the very least offer the Obamas thanks for their efforts (whether you were happy with them or not – they tried their best)? We all know that when you denigrate Michelle, others will do the same for Melania, and there is quite a bit to write about. Stop writing this stuff.

Liberal Lunacy is Rampant

35 minutes ago

Obviously liberals wanted politics as usual while third world countries close the gap on US. I’ve seen people make a living swimming in sewers catching quarters in their mouths that Americans tossed to them. If you think it’s impossible for things to deteriorate here to that point just remember there are countries working to that goal as you’re reading this.


40 minutes ago

OH MY LORD….. Please leave the COUNTRY alone

Stef H. S. : I think I understand why you utter this soul felt cry: because this classy couple was a constant wake up call to become a better person. People like you are Lazy Souls. Not wanting to work on their character and Personality. Obama and his fine and warm hearted wife have been a thorn in your eyes. Poor soul…

  • Dallas

45 minutes ago

WE’RE GLAD TO SEE THEM GONE. Michelle is the biggest Racist of the hate mongers……

  • kathy 46 minutes ago

Can open a Beer Bottle in that Over-Shot JAW

(Deze, zoals een tiental andere posts, die op uiterst gemene wijze alludeert op het gelaat van Michelle Obama, heb ik gerapporteerd als “Inappropriated post”, zo werden ze meteen “flagged” en ik kreeg een evident bedankje “for reporting”. Het is echter ontstellend hoe weinig goede zielen dit soort werk blijken te willen of kunnen doen…)

  • Harold

50minutes ago

The sad thing is they don’t see that they did anything wrong, if they represent the black americans then I see why this country is the way it is ,Obamas are racist and think they are entitled to rule for ever. the goverments job isnot to tell us how to live but protect our way of live , Obama tried to rule us and tells us what we wanted. What an evil man.


He tried his best to make better people, better souls of you.

John52 minutes ago

As a democrat, which I’ve been ashamed of for the last 8 years, I say, please don’t do any more damage to our country than you and your husband already have. Welfare is up. Crime is up. You fight against our ability to protect ourselves. You put perverts in the same bathrooms as my young daughters. You instigate violence against law enforcement. You’ve destroyed entire industries. Race relations are worse than I’ve ever seen them.
You’ve done enough damage. Just go home.
And thank god, you won’t be able to spend any more tax payer money on vacations as you drive the national debt higher.


55 minutes ago

Keep reading…This is the Republican HATE that flooded America over the last eight years. This is the hate that allowed Trump, in all his despicable ways, to become President of the United States. And the Obama bashing is going to continue. Why? Because, that takes the spotlight off of Trump. When you can’t speak positive accolades about Trump having great character and morals and being an outstanding role model for our children, you continue to stick it to the enemy. Learn from the Russians; they compared Trump to a “Christmas gift”. #scary


Yes, thank you Marcia. Not a coincidence that you are an exeption able to show the world a personal figure icon and a human name… These trolls are litteraly low, anxious souls… Very interesting indeed. I think I understand why they utter these soul felt cries: because this classy couple at the top of Society was a constant wake up call to become a better person! People like these spammers here are above all “Lazy Souls”. Not wanting to work on their character and Personality. Barack Obama and his fine and warm hearted wife have been a thorn in their eyes. Poor souls… Poor souls, lost beyond reparing… I fear…

J Moberly

1 hour ago

Climate change,LGBT rights,were not important to the people,nor have they been.
We didn’t want health care rammed down our throats the way the democrats did with no reading of the bill and no measured debate.Democrats who voted against it were bribed. Our liberties are guaranteed under the Constitution.When ;liberals speak of liberties they mean special treatment for members of their base. We are ready for a President who sees the problems and will prioritize based on their importance to the people.As for michelle and your husband: please just go away. You showed class yesterday during the transition,but you two are a big reason why democrats lost big!


1 hour ago

Beauty & Charisma, Intelligence & Brilliancy, Eloquence & Class, are a few endearing description of the Prime Minister Mr. Obama & Family. This comparing to a Lesbian Porno- Star & an old man with swine-like quality. USA insists on shaming themselves. Such a laughing stock.

SHS: I am glad someone sees the deeper Truths here… There are many swine where a Messiah puts his feet, the pearls here today are rare…

  • Yeti


1 hour ago

The Obama’s are all about themselves and their celebrity status. The media blows so much smoke up their skirts that they are convinced now more than ever, that they are the best things since sliced bread.
There are traditions and decorum when it comes to being a former President, like keeping your trap shut and respecting the sitting President. You can bet that Barack Hussein O will be doing the exact opposite, and his adoring media dogs will play right along.
You see, today’s Liberal/Socialist wing of the Democrat party isn’t interested in what the people of this country want. The Will of The People is just an annoyance to them. All they care about is their power and their agenda. They want to tear down the Constitution, strip away freedom bit by bit, and Fundamentally Transform this great country into some blended European socialist third world dictatorship. They want a country where you are free to do anything, as long as they told you to do it.
I pray that Donald Trump can be an effective leader and help rescue this country from all the damage done these last eight years. But, with the Obamas and their media machine attacking him on a daily basis, it’s going to require a Herculean effort.
God Bless America!!!


I see here a man of good will, but of poor insight in many matters, like ethics, long term politics, planetary health of ecosystems, the long term fruits of good behavior, of respect for all races, etcetera. May God bless you abundantly and open your mind and fill you with wisdom…


1 hour ago

Trump is now our President. The 65,845,063 million of us who did not vote for him will be watching to see if he can keep his promise to the 62,980,160, million that voted for him. According to the online betting site Paddy Power, which has placed the odds of Trump failing to complete his first term at 7 to 4. The odds of Trump getting impeached in the first six months stand at 4 to 1.




As you could notice, I introduced new Registers of Language.

Out of the need that becomes pressing in these days, to find words that adequately describe who Barack Obama and Michelle are, and what they have done for the American People, for the Planet (Environmental Issue!) and considering what exactly their Significance has been, far beyond the borders of the United States of America, not in the least in good old Europe.

I feel that only Core Religious Terms apply.

I dare hope you do not think it a complete crime of insolence that, when reflecting on Obama’s duty years a a POTUS in the New World, some of the deepest layers in our conscience, brought up the words that have been used on occasion of the mourning of literary Hebrew people at the disappearance of a similarly Great Soul just about two millennia ago. I quote a few lines of these solemn and inspired words:

The true light that enlightens every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world knew him not. He came to his own home, and his people received him not. But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God.” (The gospel according to John, 9-12).

Is, in the case of the soul and life of Barack Obama, not the English expression applicable, in all its sublime significance: “He has been an Angel in disguise”?

Personally, I felt that Grand Situations & truly Grand Souls require and justify similar Terms and Concepts. It was my opinion that the occasion is suitable to use these religious terms to describe the Historic Realities of our Days. I found them to be worthy of being put to work, in stead of letting these Tools be the sole Instruments of theologians and Bible Scholars. Men and women who pass their days in their exclusive Academic Libraries and Archives, studying the Sacred & Ancient Texts about great men in long buried past Eras. Or writing and exchanging articles amongst themselves, in great and pleasant but rather futile Erudition. Far away from Daily Life and the Magic Moments that sometimes become part of Our Reality… We wittness now indeed moments in which it becomes clear to all that Big History is really affecting our own Lives, Souls and Bodies.


I hope that you can make your opinion here. Since, in my view, The Past is not more Important than the Present and The Future.

Sincerly yours,

Steven Solfrian Hublou


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