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een vragenlijstje aan een seksmedewerker in Antwerpen

een vragenlijstje aan een seksmedewerker in Antwerpen

vrijdag 22 november 2013 00:39
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Even wat vragen aan een seksmedewerker in “het Schipperskwartier” te Antwerpen:

In het Engels om niet te raken aan de authenticiteit. Naam en herkomst zijn fictief.

Hier gaan we:

– From where are you and how do you come here and why Antwerpen (see also questions later on)

-> I am from Ukraine. Two years ago I was in Germany doing the same job, there was a girl who worked before in Antwerpen. She gave me the address, so I came here.

– What means sex for you

-> Sex can be something very nice, if you do it with a person who you like.

– Why do you do this work

-> Just for the money.

– Do you find it heavy work (much time spent, nightshifts & risk)

-> I find it very hard work. This work changed my life.

– What do you do with your merit

-> I help my family at home.

– Do you enjoy also what you do or do you feel it as “a must” to survive and/or to support your family

-> I do this just because I don’t have another option. I do it to help my family.

– Do you enjoy your life or is it day in and day out standing/being here in your window and for the rest sleeping and doing minimal “things”

-> My life in Belgium is just working all night and sleeping all day.

– Do you have some nice anecdotes

-> no

– Are there also less nice experiences and would you tell about it

-> no

– Have you always been in Antwerp or do you come from elsewhere and what are the possible differences

-> see above and there are not much differences = sex is everywhere the same.

– Which nickname do you use = > is this is a conscious choice and what does this name mean for you

-> My nickname is Angela. Is nothing special, it’s a nice name.

– Are you considering a physical sex change

-> No!

– Are there any rules in Villa Tinto and what is the procedure to rent a room, also what is the cost for a full night

-> I am not allowed to give information about it.

– Is there a dress code

-> No, each man/woman chooses his/her dress.

– Is there any security

-> Police come every time a problem occurs and they drive around very frequently.

– Do you feel safe

-> More or less. It is a dangerous job as you never know who you get in the room.

– How long will you stay in Antwerp and what is eventually your next destination

-> I do not know how long. I’ll stay and hope that the next destination is my home country. I do not intend to do this job for a long time more.

– Are you officially/legal here or on a temporary staying permit

-> X

– Is there much police control and if so are they polite and eventually helping you if you have questions

-> Yes, they are very polite and if we need help they give always.

– Do you work for yourself => if so you still have your passport/id card

-> I work for myself and of course I have my passport.

– Do you change regularly your outfit / look

-> No.

– Can you give an idea of ??your earnings if you like to say it (just an idea)

-> X

– Do you have a fixed price or are you asking depending the person (you do not have to mention here how much you really ask)

-> I have a fixed price. There are no differences between people.

– Are you doing anything else than sex work

-> No.

– Did you follow regularly school in your home country and do you have a certificate i.e. can you do eventually other work

-> Yes.

– Will you do this for several years or shorter/longer

 -> I want to stop in one year.

– Is there a possibility that you will be doing a “normal ” work

-> Of course, I would like to stop with this job and after to start my own business.

– Are you single or do you have a (girl)friend

-> I am single.

– When single would you like to be with somebody

-> No, I like to be independent.

– If you had a child or children later would you tell it what you do or did if your child asks

-> Never. This is a shame for me.

– Who do you like: male / female / trans / gay / lesbian / …

-> Male

– Why do you think/feel you have success, why are men come to you for sex or maybe only for a talk

-> Sometimes for sex, sometimes just to talk and to relax.

– Do you like it to be in Antwerpen

-> Yes, but I don’t like the weather.

– Do you live in the city -> in a studio or apartment – alone or together to save costs

-> I live in the city, in an apartment together with one girl to save costs.

– Do you go from time to time to the library / museum / movie / disco / pub /…

-> Never, just work and sleep.

– How old are you (if I am allowed to know) and when did you start doing this and what was at that time your motivation => has your view changed now

-> I am 23 years old. I started doing this job when I was 18 years and 3 months. I can say that my life has changed a lot. Economic situation is better than before but I am not the same person anymore. Everything changed for me. Even the way I see the world now is different.

– Are your parents and other relationships at your home knowing what you do

-> Nobody, just one of my brothers.

– How would you react when they would find out

-> I don’t know.

– Do you have hobbies

-> No.

– Are you optimistic in life or not so much

-> Not so much.

– What is your overall impression of our society

-> Society is MAD.

– How is your home situation

-> My family’s financial situation is very difficult. I am the only one who can help them. My older brothers do not find work. I came from a family with seven children. My father was the only one working. I have a very difficult situation but I hope I do enough effort I can change the situation.

– Which languages ??do you speak – can you write them also

-> English, German, Spanish, Italian, Oekraïn – I can write them too.

– Where have you been already – what is / was your favorite city/place

-> I was in England, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Belgium. Most I liked Spain.

– What is most asked to “do “

-> Normal sex.

– Are visitors giving you sometimes a present

-> Yes.

– Do you have regular customers who frequently come back to you

-> Yes.

– Are there also ladies visiting you

-> Never alone. Sometimes couples come.

– Do you escort

-> Yes.

– Do you know the Pink House/Cavaria or other organizations where you can have  support (moral, medical, psychological, etc)

-> No.

– Do you have always sex in a safe way or do you take sometimes a risk if one offers you a lot of money (but I mean a lot)

-> Nothing is more important than my health, I would not do any risks for any amount.

– Do you play sports and if so which sports or do you go to fitness

-> No.

– Do you like sex and how are you looking at sex => is it purely for commercial reasons /detached or does it mean more = did you had ever feelings for someone

-> I never had a feeling for someone. For me sex is for commercial reasons. I like this way because I don’t have a boy- or girlfriend.

– What possible future do you see for yourself

-> I want to stop with this job as soon as possible and begin a new life in my home country.

– Do you spend a lot of time on body care

-> No.

– Would you find it annoying if people would recognize you on the street

-> I hope that will not happen.

– If there is anything else you would like to explain/tell please say so

-> No.


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