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Burma Bound

Burma Bound

woensdag 4 april 2012 15:32
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It is certainly an interesting time for Burma, the country appears to stand at a cross-roads, possibly leading to a process of rapid resource fuelled ‘development’. Will the elation seen throughout the streets of Burma this week be perpetually matched in the coming weeks, months and years. Will the Junta take advantage of the abundance of natural resources in the state and how will this military dictatorship convince the the EU the US and the rest of the world that they are no longer the paranoid oppressive regime of the past? Will Aung San Suu Kyi have the influence that so many crave for? It is certainly an interesting time.

So why am I writing this blog and why would this blog be of interest to the readers of DeWerldMorgen? Well I am faced with the opportunity of working in Burma for the coming months, in a number of capacities and will see first hand how things stand to unfold in the country. I have yet to work out the tactics and operating procedures of the Junta. With this in mind I am unsure as to what kind of access I will be able to get and to whom and where. Whether its gauging the feeling of a street seller outside my accomadtion, talking to member of the NLD or talking to villagers from a remotely located indigenous tribal group we shall see. Considering the history of the state I feel a softly softly approach is initially necessarry. What i don’t want to do is approach things in a gung-ho way and in the process threaten the lives of those who I interacted with.

So over the coming months I will be writing accounts of my visit. How regular this happens will depend on a number of factor. Right now I have anticipatory butter flies fluttering in my stomach. I can’t wait to get to Burma a state at an interesting and potentially critical juncture.


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