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Apatocriefe ontdekkingen op  benefiet radio patapoe

Apatocriefe ontdekkingen op benefiet radio patapoe

woensdag 8 september 2010 17:35
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Recent scholarship has uncovered heretofore unknown Apatocrypha (or hidden Patalogy) on the Name Patapoe

Apatocrypha on the Origin of the Name “Patapoe” as found in Patty’s Vision for Europe in the Book of Tina (1973 AD)

1.1. The Ancients agree that the question was never “What is Patapoe?” but “Who is Patapoe?” To know the Nature of Patapoe they direct us to the Book of Tina (1973 AD). Herein is found the ecstatic Vision for Europe. Patty, accompanied by the Big Silver Bull Band sings the following lines:

1.2.“Patapoe, Patapoe Have you seen my darling Patapoe? Patapoe, Patapoe Please come back, I don’t know what to do Patapoe, Patapoe Don’t you know that I love you Patapoe, Patapoe Please come back to me Patapoe”

1.3. The Ancient commentators explain the ecstacy of Patty as follows: “Patty expresses her longing to be reunited at long last with the lost essence of Patapoe. This essence is lost and no-one can tell Patty where she may find Patapoe. The essence of being lost, the love for Patapoe and the longing to be reunited with Patapoe point us towards the fleeting essence that is Patapoe.

1.4. “The essence of Patapoe is to not be here but to be that which one looks for out of love. Patty does not know who Patapoe is, nor where Patapoe is to be found, she only knows that she desires his return and her union with Patapoe.”

2.1. We know that it is Patty who sings the song of Patapoe and that she is supported by the Big Silver Bull Band. Furthermore, Patty sings the Vision for Europe. But in fact, Patty sings the vision of herself, for Patty is Europe. Patty who is Europe is the Open and she who wishes to settle. Patty is Europe for the Big Silver Bull we know to be Zeus. Zeus is the God of the Sky and the God of Thunder.

2.2. Zeus is enamoured of the most beautiful Princess Europe. Yet not even Zeus can simply ravish her. Hence Zeus transforms in to the magnificent Big Silver Bull. Thus he approaches Europe who is Patty.

2.3. Ovid comments on this moment: “And gradually she lost her fear, and he Offered his breast for her virgin caresses, His horns for her to wind with chains of flowers Until the princess dared to mount his back Her pet bull’s back, unwitting whom she rode.”

2.4. Zeus the Bull dashes away, bearing Patty Europe on his back. Patty unites with the Big Silver Bull as Zeus unites with Europe.

3.1. We know that Europe is the Open and Zeus God of the Skies, God of Thunder. Patty who is Europe winds his horns with chains of flowers, with chains of song, songs of love and unity.

3.2. Who then is Patapoe? The Ancients explain that it is Patapoe who is the child born from the love of Zeus and Europe. They write “Patapoe is the child that is the chain of flowers that adorns the horns of Zeus. The horns of Zeus are the thunder in the sky. The chain of flowers are the songs that sing the sky.

3.3. “Patapoe is a little whistful dog, born from the union of a bull and a princeses. Bull-like and beautiful, Patapoe is always running away, singing dog-songs. Patapoe is never anywhere, and always everywhere. Patapoe is ephemeral, etheral, the always open. For Patapoe is a sky-dog and the chain of thunder that flowers in the sky.”

lyrics: antartica

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