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Anti-Roma protests – correction?
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Anti-Roma protests – correction?

maandag 3 oktober 2011 18:29
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In case some of you would decide to publish the information about the 4 anti-roma protests I sent on Saturday and for your personal information, please do not consider the second march in the list (organized by the association Power) as properly belonging to it.

The Association Power ia a newly formed one. An ideological mixture of people streching from local patriots to nationalistic people are participating in it. Their main purpose is to address concrete public problems (like high benzin prices) in cooperation with the state institutions, and not to be politically active in a transformative or radical way.

Keeping the above in mind and because after a personal meeting with them some of us left disappointed about their a kind of pro-nationalistic views and because most of the TV channels automatically put their protest on Saturday in the same context as the other 3 extremely nationalistic/racist protests and because they were shouting things like “Bulgarians brave people”, “Bulgaria wake up”, it was me that inclined to describe their march on Saturday as anti-roma. As the protest they organized the other day showed (Sunday) the main organizers publicly condemned the ethnic violence as being damaging for the “Bulgarian” society. I can imagine talking to them about refugees would be a complex, if not difficult thing.
So, let’s consider their protest last Saturday not as an anti-roma one. On the other hand, it is difficult to define where exactly we could fix it ideologically – somewhere in the framework of a liberal national concesus maybe. 

Bron : Boryana (Bulgaria)

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