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After the deportation/Letter to Turkish Airlines about the deportation of the Somalian refugee Mr M.I. to dangerous Somalia on monday 16 september 2013

After the deportation/Letter to Turkish Airlines about the deportation of the Somalian refugee Mr M.I. to dangerous Somalia on monday 16 september 2013

vrijdag 20 september 2013 06:25
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AFTER THE DEPORTATION/LETTER TO TURKISH AIRLINES ABOUTTHE DEPORTATION OF THE SOMALIAN REFUGEE MR M.I. TO DANGEROUSSOMALIA ON MONDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2013 SEE ALSO LETTER TO THE TURKISH AIRLINES   TO TURKISH AIRLINES BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND MANAGEMENTYOUR COMPLICITY WITH THE DEPORTATION OF A SOMALIANREFUGEE TO DANGEROUS SOMALIA ON MONDAY 16 SEPTEMBER 2013  A STRONG REQUEST NOT TO COOPERATE TO DEPORTATIONS TO SOMALIA AGAIN REASON: THE DANGEROUS SITUATION, DUE TO THE CIVIL WAR.   AMSTERDAM 20 SEPTEMBER 2013 Dear Board of DirectorsDear Management By this I want to ask your attention for the followingAccording to my information you have cooperated with the deportationof a Somalian refugee, mr M.I. to Somalia on last monday 16 september. Flight information: TK 1952Departure 12.00 A strong request to you, not to cooperate to deportations to Somalia in the future,because of the dangerous situation, caused by the civil war. Although it is your duty and responsibility to draw information about the situationin Somalia and any other country, which is unsafe or has a bad human rights situation,I give you the following information: DANGEROUS SITUATION IN SOMALIA/THE FACTS Of course you are aware of the fact, that due to the civil war in Somalia, there is a very dangerous situation for the Somnalian population,who pays the price for the ongoing struggle between the Somalian government,the African Union Mission, against the  resistance group Al Shabab Recently [at 7 september] an al Shabab attack took place in Somalia’scapital city Mogadishu [where expelled refugees arrive] which tookthe lives of 18 people [1]Doctors without Borders have withdrawn this year from Somalia,due to the dangerous situation [2] But there is more: Amnesty International In her annual report 2013 human rights organisation Amnesty International describesthe dangerous and bad human rights situation in Somalia  for the Somalian civilians,due to human rights violations of all parties to the conflict [3] Human Rights Watch In a statement human rights organisation Human Rights Watch warned the Dutchgovernment, not to deport Somalian refugees to Somalia, due to the dangerous situation [4] UNHCR UNHCR [the UN Refugee organisation] stressed in a statement the dangerous situation inSomalia [5]Although the report is from 2010, UNHCR emphasized in a later report of 2012, thatthe Guidelines [report from 2010] on Somalia are still valid [6] It may be evident, that it is a scandal and a hugh human rights violation, alsoviewed from the International Law, to deport refugees to a dangerous situation like that   DEPORTATION POLICY OF THE DUTCH GOVERNMENT AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Of course the Dutch government is responsible in the first place forits deportation policy, risking the lives of asylum-seekers, who are tobe expelled to dangerous and war stricken countries like Somalia [7] But that doesn’t mean, that you, being the Air Company, which facilitates thedeportation by flying them [in this case the Somalian refugee] bears noresponsibility. You bears responsibility too and a very hugh, since you are flying them. Therefore it’s your moral duty and responsibility, to refuse any cooperation tothe deportation of any Somalian refugee AND other refugees, who are at riskdue to the warstricken situation in their country or the bad human rightssituation. THEREFORE MY URGENT APPEAL TO YOU, NOT TO COOPERATETO DEPORTATIONS TO SOMALIA AGAIN.DON’T FLY THEM TO THEIR MISERY! If you continue to cooperate to those deportations, I hold you responsibleand you will have blood on your hands. Stop deportations to misery and war! I am convinced, that I will not appeal to you in vain Kind greetings Astrid EssedAmsterdamThe Netherlands    [1] MAIL AND GUARDIANSOMALIA’S AL SHABAB CLAIMS AN ATTACK THAT KILLED 187 SEPTEMBER 2013 [2] CNNDOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS TO PULL OUT OF SOMALIA OVER ATTACKS ON STAFF15 AUGUST 2013  [3]  AMNESTY INTERNATIONALANNUAL REPORT 2013SOMALIA  [4] HUMAN RIGHTS WATCHHALT PLAN TO DEPORT SOMALIS21 FEBRUARY 2013  [5]  UNHCRELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES FOR ASSESSING THE INTERNATIONANAL PROTECTIONNEEDS OF ASYLUMSEEKERS FROM SOMALIA5 MAY 2010  [6] ”. It should be considered as complementing the 2010 Somalia Eligibility Guidelines, which remain valid.” ADDENDUM TO 2010 UNHCR ELIGIBILITY GUIDELINES FORASSESSING THE INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION NEEDS OFASYLUM-SEEKERS FROM SOMALIA, RELATING ESPECIALLYTO THE CITY OF GALKACYO 16 MARCH 2012  [7] HUMAN RIGHTS WATCHHALT PLAN TO DEPORT SOMALIS21 FEBRUARY 2013

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